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Ok guys have been thinking how to rip the tutorial world keywords with this strategy:

Create a program similar to camtasia and make it be intergrated with i.e. photoshop and all you do is record a mouse and what buttons does the camerman recording. Oh yes and his voice in mp3 so it plays the voice.

The user downloads the plugin for Photoshop that is your product and attach it to make tutorials even more to the face with the user. He can pause at any moment and continue to work on the project opened.

So you can create a website around the downloads for the tutorials for each program you develop the application.

I sure bet this would be a tough one for the programmers but I think this thing would sell like crazy.

You can even implement this technique in any niche with program interface tutorials.

Any programmers, IM warriors are welcome to contribute and extend my idea

I think this is very flexible for any kind of learning program

Where would you implement?

It is just an idea...
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