Evolution Of Warrior Forum

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Hi Warriors,

I have been here almost 3 years and this forum seems to always change, Allen and his Mods/sidekicks are always making this place better and better! Allen seems to come up with these golden ideas, he is smart and surveys his forum and implements them.

This forum will always be top notch due to its evolving nature. just today -- I notice how Allen has the featured WSOs side by side, you rock Allen! We can all learn from this man's ideas and how he runs one of the most successful ventures on the internet.

My only gripe, is that I didn't join this forum much earlier. This forum keeps getting better and better, appreciate what you have here warriors!

Just as this forum evolves, I hope your skills, business and relationships evolve as well. All the tools for success are here, stay glued to the posts ,use the information and make your business/life better.

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