How do you actually earn money online?

by George Kokorikos 50 replies
Well i wanna start something online , like a blog or a digital agency but the problem with taxes in south EU is that if you wanna start something like a legal agency or litterally anything legal you need to pay taxes. With zero income you need to pay like 3.9k euros per year to the goverment , as you understand thats something that keeps me away from starting anything . Thing is that blogs can avoid being taxed , or affiliate , but i dont trust this kind of business tbh , so im asking for some ideas to earn money online , even if it has to take time , any blog idea or something like that. PS i dont want to do anything illegal to earn money ^^ just in case someone would think that.
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    Have you tried affiliate marketing? I think this could be a good option for you as you are selling other peoples products so you don't need a website or blog. It could be worth looking into for you.

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    • i have tried affiliate in the past but i will be honest i failed I was thinking about making a full affiliate site , but it didnt succeed . Plus how can you sell other peoples products without a site?
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        There are thousands of products on clickbank you can sell with out a site. There are also companies you can join that allow you to sell there products and earn a commission as an affiliate. all you have to do is send traffic to the link they provide you. I recommend the four percent group as they provide the best training for a beginner.

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        • feel free to send me some tips on my inbox mate You seem really experienced , if you have time anyway thank you in advance
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        Originally Posted by George Kokorikos View Post

        i have tried affiliate in the past but i will be honest i failed I was thinking about making a full affiliate site , but it didnt succeed . Plus how can you sell other peoples products without a site?
        You simply promote your affiliate link, which will take people directly to the product site. For instance, you can write articles, submit them to article directories and include your affiliate link. Or if you have a mailing list, you can send out a small newsletter on the topic and send them to the product site.

        Some article directories (like Ezine Articles) won't let you put an affiliate link in your articles or bio box, but you can send them to a one-page site you build and redirect them from there. That page wouldn't have to be elaborate or huge. It can be a small article about the product with the link.

        I don't see how you'd need to pay those huge taxes if you're just acting as a middle-man with no product of your own.

        Are you sure you don't only have to pay taxes when setting up a business or selling products? First, how would the gov. know you're doing any business with the process I've described until you do your tax return or however it's done in Greece.

        Hope this helps.
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        You don't need to create website to sale products and to earn commission.
        Just create landing page with perfect sales funnel.
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        You can also join a program that has everything in place for you to earn multiple streams of recurring income.
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      I dont believe in that shit, i have done many and never got any money, i guess its all fake . Only if you have a few real and legit ones you can share .
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    Where are you from? Paying 3900 euros in taxes while producing nothing seems to be unreal...
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  • i also interested to know this ,please share more details here.
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    You can start earning online with affiliate marketing, this is really a good choice for newbie. I know many people who earn more than $20k a month with this type of business.

    It will take time but worth to join.

    I hope you will get something valuable!
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      Can you share an idea of such example of affiliate marketing one could make money from ?
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    I think affiliate marketing would work for you. It may take a bit time but I see that you're okay with that. this is what new business people go with usually. Just give it a try, hopefully, this turn out great for you.
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    • yea maybe :/ As i said before i tried affiliate and it didnt work i tried promoting hotels etc but people prefer to just join booking and other sites like this one
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    If you would like to get started Charles Ngo just released a guide that talks about all of the steps to getting started online using paid traffic. If you go over to his blog you should be able to find the post and the book. I've been reading through it for the past few days and I'll tell you for something that's free the content in it is gold!

    This guide is only if you're interested in paid traffic and making money from CPA offers.

    Making money online is all about choosing something and taking action. This is something I struggled with for a long time and it held me back. I kept reading instead of taking action. If you take action you'll learn faster than if you were just reading and reading.
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    Thing is that blogs can avoid being taxed , or affiliate , but i dont trust this kind of business tbh

    That line there you wrote has me wondering if you are really serious about wanting to make money online. Yes if you want to make money and survive as a normal citizen in most of the world you will have to pay taxes. Some countries have tax benefits for people who are business owners which also includes people who make a living making money online.

    Which would be something I would suggest looking into. Then once you become more comfortable and even trust the process of making money online then pick an niche you are comfortable with.

    I am sure on here you can find many ideas of what you can do.
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    Simple if you are brand new to this industry i d recommend you to try affiliate marketing in this way you don't wanna make your own product just promote somebody else product that was in high demand and make commissions
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  • im really grateful for everyone that replied here guys seriously You brainstorm me and thats something huge for me
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      yes, and dont forget, focus one ONE thing only, dont do 10 things or you will get confused
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    You don't need a website or blog. Just use Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest. You can sell anything over there. You can also choose to accept Bitcoin to avoid the tax calculation (when applicable). Good luck!
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  • Taxation of that sort a little demented. Is that a tax or a levy of some sort? Sounds way too obscene. Regarding making money online, you can sell other people's products. It's so much easier.

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    There are millions of article on how to make money online and also 100’s ways to make money online like – Write And Sell An Ebook, Create An App, Build A Blog, Email Marketing, Auction Items On Ebay, Sell Photos Online, Use Shopify To Build Your Own Online Store, Answer Professional Questions, Create Video Tutorials On YouTube, Teach Others As A Virtual Tutor, Content Writing, Freelancing, Affiliate Marketing and more.
    Some of these methods need some professional skills and experience to give quality work.

    But there are very few ways which can help you to make money online even if you don’t have any experience.

    I have seen many beginners are earning more than $500-$25000 per month with these methods.
    The Top 3-ways to make money online
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    Many members might recommend you to promo other affiliate marketer product. Yes, I do agree with them.
    I suggest to get a domain, build a list to get subscribers. Once, you have enough subscribers, you can make money online.

    You'll always listen and read marketers said: " The money is in the list". Thus, having a domain is vital.

    Thanks for sharing!
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    You could make an info product. It could be an ebook, online course, an audio course, or anything really.

    You could then sell the products on your own website or other platforms like Amazon or Udemy.

    If you aren't an expert in anything learn about something and post your findings to your website while making an email list with a lead magnet.

    Eventually you will be knowledgeable enough to create an info product and sell it.

    I don't think online business is easy money and it usually requires more than four hours a week to see real results.

    You get back what you put in.

    Good luck.
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      Well its not thats for sure I will try my best thank you for your time thomas!
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    read warrior forum, apply, read warrior forum, apply.

    But you must not read all day, like some on here, and never do anything.

    Like that law of attraction stuff, it works, if you work it as well. You gotta take action each day.

    But I would say, the secrets lay in here, read the WF everyday, take action and that is what I did back in 2007 and now manage a 6 figure a year business.

    Hope it helps. Get help, there are lots of cool knowledgable people in here, making a killing.
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      Hey hello thats a good idea thank you for brainstorming me
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      Found few good tips from your reply. Can you give us a little info about how you generate traffic to your website?

      I am not keen to those traffics selling at Fiverr or something unlimited traffic without a limit time & date, useless traffic, blasting 24 hrs with auto traffic exchanges and so forth. Although, the majority of people greedy in hunger the traffic for increasing website visitors to their website and help fake traffic generator filthy richer.

      If really can get unlimited traffic to a website, we do not need to build a list anymore, can just sit at your site waiting to withdraw money from your merchant account, lol!

      I know various types of traffic like:
      1. SEO
      2. Forum
      3. Article directory
      4. Directory submitter
      5. Social Network
      6. PPC
      7. Traffic exchanges
      8. Safelists
      9. PR news
      10. Videos
      11. Doc Submission
      12. The list goes on...

      So, how did you build your own traffic that earned you 6 figure income?

      Thank you
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  • Profile picture of the author Rahul Chaurasia
    HI George,

    Well there are 3 real ways to earn money.

    * Affiliate Product & Service.
    * Freelancing
    * Blogging (Serving ads on your blog or refer service/products)

    Mostly all 3 ways take time. And it will not start return in a day. Currently i am earning through freelancing. few months ago i earned good amount for refer service to my new clients and earned $555 dollars for reffer 5-6 clients. and then decide to create a blog for affiliate. But can't give much time on my blog and not received much profit yet. But if you are interested you can join me? or if you want to start your own blog/website/eCommerce site you can also contact me.

    By The way first you have to decide that. You are okey to do investment or not. If yes what is your budget.
    Like if you have budget.
    - You need a eCommerce site and you can sell Ali-Express product through your site. means you can sell anything form your site but ofcourse you need to run paid ad-campaign.

    - If Dont want invest you need a blog and you can start promoting other companies services/products. But a new blog can take many times. Atleast 3-6 months.

    Contact me if you are really intersted.
    Free Website Design ! Let Us Develop & Design Ur Blog/ Business Website Free of Cost.
    Dropship / eCommerce Store start from $500 (incl : Dropship Plugin+Hosting+Domain+SSL)
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    • Profile picture of the author George Kokorikos
      Thank you rahul for your reply i will consider it , currently im developing my own blog.
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    Originally Posted by George Kokorikos View Post

    With zero income you need to pay like 3.9k euros per month to the goverment.
    I would double check this and if it's true, I would relocate to a place more friendly to businesses and start ups. Not many new businesses are going to survive starting every month with a $4,300+ deficit.

    Looking for a partner for a social media marketing agency. We sell software, ad services and done for you funnels and businesses.

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    hey there
    2 ways to make money online
    a. affiliate marketing selling digital products
    2. create a website and promote all forms of advertising

    talk soon
    sam f
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    try affiliate marketnig with higher conversion prices, and or 100% profits.

    plus learn about sales funnels and list building.

    Its quite complex, but if you do not learn all this you will not do well online.

    . hit the "search" button on the warrior forum and search for these words and you should be good to go.
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    you tried cpa marketing, it is good sector
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    I think you should first focus on making some actual money and sales, until then you don't have a business. Only then, you should register and start thinking about taxes.

    What's the worst that can happen?
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    • Profile picture of the author George Kokorikos
      Dont know and i dont want to find out
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        Originally Posted by George Kokorikos View Post

        Dont know and i dont want to find out
        Haha! Well, to be honest.. in most countries you'd probably get away EASILY for 3-6 months without registering a business, until you can actually make sales to see if the business is a good idea or if it works for you. The WORST that can happen is you might get some fines, but I think the chances of that happening are extremely small.

        On the other hand, you can invest some money, register a business, focus on all the wrong things.. and end up not making a single sale. I think this is much worse, if you ask me
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    What you're good at? Try to post on your blog and monetize it.

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    Maybe you should start with webdesign and sell them to businesses think thats a good way to start!
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      i need to start a real business then , but its risky when you dont have a customer list already
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