Who would write YOUR Salespage?

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Hi Warriors,

If you could let whoever you want write your sales copy/sales page/sales letter, who would it be?

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    Interesting question Bjorn,

    The difficulty is that it is not easy to identify who writes the really great sales letters. Names are bandied about and claims are made, but only on rare occasions will someone disclose who has written their sales letter and also provide details of the page conversion rate.

    Discussing sales pages is a massive topic so it might be useful if you were to specify why you want this information (for what explicit purpose) and how you intend to apply it in your area of business. By disclosing this, Warriors will be better able to positively respond.

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    John Hostler

    Shon C.

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    William Shakespeare.

    Firstly because he's still selling hundreds of years after he started, and secondly because he's dead. What more could you want in a 'ghost' writer?

    'Alas, poor traffick! I knew it, Horatio...'

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  • Hmm, off the top of my head:

    1. The dudes from the bible. Talk about sales volume.

    2. Tolkien. Classic!

    3. And of course, the Berenstain bears authors. Stan, Jan, and I think mike.

    Money isn't real, George. It doesn't matter. It only seems like it does.

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    Drayton Bird without any question. I was lucky enough to work with him in the past at O&M in London. The guy is a genius...

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    Hi jeff,

    To explane with an example: I'm a drummer so I know a lot of drummers by name. Some are well known but not that good but they know how to market/promote themselves. Then you have the above average drummers who also know how to promote themselves and everybody thinks they are the best. They aren't the best they are just well-known or stars.

    Then you have the great great drummers, the dave weckl, the vinnie colaiuta, etc. They are in a league of there own. They don't have to market themselves but everybody who is into playing the drums knows who they are and to listen to them when they are explaining something.

    So I'm talking about copywriters that are in a league of there own when it comes to Online or Offline Marketing. So I'm talking about Jay Abraham, Dan Lok, etc. Are they really that good or do they know how to promote themselves.

    Why do I like to know? Because I need one soon.

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  • Vin Montello and Michel Fortin are two names that come to mind.

    Depending on what you need, and if you want a copywriter of a renowned status, you'll have to wait a fair amount of time, as well as cough up anywhere from 5-15k.

    When you are first starting, I'd just take the time out and really learn the basics and intermediates of copywriting.

    Money isn't real, George. It doesn't matter. It only seems like it does.

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      Originally Posted by Christopher R Everson View Post

      Depending on what you need, and if you want a copywriter of a renowned status, you'll have to wait a fair amount of time, as well as cough up anywhere from 5-15k.
      My thoughts exactly. They also have to be willing to take your project. Not every project or niche is of interest to them.

      Seeing that I write copy professionally, I'd be happy to write the copy for my own product instead of hiring someone else... unless I didn't have the time to write it as well I normally do.

      Sometime I'll hire another copywriter to critique my copy and make sure it's bullet-proof but most of the time, I go with the copy I wrote myself.

      Hope that helps,

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    This is an old thread, but if it were me, I am very curious what kind of sales page people like Gary Bencivenga, John Carlton, Michel Fortin, Drayton Bird (downright hilarious and brilliant...) Ted Nicholas, Dan Kennedy, John Forde and Joseph Sugarman would write for the same product.

    If ever I have an opportunity, I would try writing one for my own product, tweak it until it has good conversion, and then let each of the above people write one and be horrified at how different they all are. It certainly will tell me a thing or two about the writing beliefs and mindset.

    Be Well,
    - Tian yan
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