Not few quick BUCKS, but my focus is to create a long term ONLINE BUSINESS. Whats your's??

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Hi fellow warriors, I hope you all are doing well in whatever you are up to. Just wanted to share my thoughts today.

I have seen many people here trying to grab every shiny objects that promises to make quick money, as most of them are really in need of that. Well, the reality is almost 95% of those people ended up being failed miserably and get frustrated.

The problem with those people is that they don't take this as a serious business. As a result they tend to lose their patience overtime. Earning quick money and building a business both need hard work and patience. I mean a lot of patience. And the patience comes from the goals. My goal is much bigger than just to make money. It motivates me to keep moving forward when I’m down.

I know my goal. But I’m not chasing it. I’m Hunting down every steps towards it. And I will not stop until i reach there.
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