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I have a website aimed at the education sector that offers online tools. I've invested a lot of time and money in developing the site, and I'm aware it'll live or die by its promotion.

I've created social media profiles but I'm looking for organic traffic - any ideas where to start?
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    Hi John,

    I'd consider buying a domain and hosting for a Wordpress blog. Create helpful content. Show off your knowledge of the online tools of that sector. Build your authority. This is one way to boost organic traffic.

    As for social media, connect with potential site visitors by running hash tag searches on sites like Twitter to find folks interested in your niche. Engage these individuals. Build connections. Help people by offering snippets on social media geared toward your ideal visitor.
    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad
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      Thanks Ryan. Regarding Social Media (Twitter seems ideal for this niche) - How would I interact with these individual other than following them?

      Do I simply follow them? Tag them in tweets (which seems rude without a relationship)?
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        Also, would it be better to add a blog to the site in question or create another site just for the blog?
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    Start using videos. Create your learning channel on Youtube. Share some knowledge while you promote your products/services/website. So this way hopefully you can also rank your website via Youtube. Good luck!
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    Hey John,

    This is what I do, the best way for me is video- make youtube videos about your product and advertise everywhere you can!
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  • * Never try to hire seo providers for seo service.

    * create a blog section on your site. Hire a good writer and and publish quality & educational content on your blog. at-least 2 days per week. Share them on social media. Also do other link building process. Or you can hire link builders from fiverr. for certain tasks instead of complete seo package. COntent is king so always create quality content and share it. Magic will happen automatically
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    thank you sharingyour knowledge
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    Hire good digital marketing agency with rich experience. It will take 2-3 months to start ranking your website on search engine which will increase your website branding and conversions too.
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    Hi John:

    Hope you are well.

    When I was promoting heavily the two Rock and Roll books and the writing and speaking course I used a lot of free methods but made sure they were all linked together.

    For instance: I had a website that was updated one-two times daily, a blog updated daily, a YouTube Channel, Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace as well as posting and answering questions on a few of the book forums.

    If you can get interviews as well it is a major source of free publicity. I made a promise when the first book came out that I would never turn down any radio station or publication. I was honored to have been interviewed on a New York City radio outlet but never said no to the station that may only be heard in a farming county.

    I hope you are successful with the project.

    One thing that we often lose site of. It would be great if I had made 100,000,000,000 billion dollars but to me the important factor was I did it. If I sold one copy I made somebody happy.

    Effort is often overlooked as many only look at quantitative numbers. You are already have done superlative because you created something.

    Have a great night,

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