How to find targeted audience with social media?

by Netway
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Social media platforms are great to grow the business. How can we get targeted visitors by social media?
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    Actually, the answer is quite simple.

    No need to overcomplicate it.

    If you don't have much time and resources and need to find your audience QUICKLY, do this:

    Figure out WHO your competitors are and REVERSE ENGINEER their audience.

    This is easiest to do on Twitter

    Think follower list

    Think hashtags

    From there, you would be able to figure out their Facebook presence etc etc.
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      Yes , I agreed with your answer. Hashtag & follower list can play an important role for twitter marketing.
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    Do you have a website that is getting traffic already?

    Paid traffic is going to be the fastest way.

    You can install a Facebook pixel and create a custom audience and run Facebook ads to people who already visited your site.

    You can advertise your new blog post, video, or freebie lead magnet offer to them.

    Then when Facebook gets enough data, you can create a "Look-a-like" audience and place ads in front of new people who haven't seen you before.

    The other way to do it is to create an Authority channel by publishing content like a machine.

    Think of brands like RSD, Kinobody, Elliot Hulse. There's even a guy named Miles Beckler who I've been following and he did started with a 90-day youtube challenge and never stopped and now has 13,000 youtube subscribers.

    Experts will publish often and if they're content is great then both the users and search engines will reward you by ranking you higher.
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