What is the missing part they don't tell you?

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I've spent a lot of time to get into some mastermind class, seminars to learn from many "gurus" and I have something to share with you (only if you are newbie)....

They all have one thing in common

They do not teach you this in common

Most of them teach you only the skills, but the root of the problem to make money is not here.

Original problem only in this words: Persuasion

I'm not lying you...

This is persuade buyers to buy your product

If you know how to convince others, then the millionaire is just a small thing

In any industry, If you want to succeed must learn to persuade others

+ Convincing customers to buy at high prices

+ Persuading your partners to cooperate with you

+ Seduction your lover

However, if you really want to get rich in internet marketing then remember to add this word: TRAFFIC

Want to convince good then:

+ Understand the product

+ Understand customer

If you do this then basically, your business is potential

Then just a bit of advertising is that you have buyer!

Good persuasion will come a lot of SALES!

PS: Sorry for my bad English, lol~
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