How to promote my membership site?

by gdwebs
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Hello Warriors,

I've created a Membership site selling PLR articles. The articles promote Clickbank products, but I change the product every 10 days.

I'm not sure if I am allowed to post a link, so I won't until someone confirms that I can, but it is called PLR Article A Day (Google).

I want to know the best ways to promote it, both paid and free methods.

The aim is to fill up the Clickbank niche so that I can add others such as Travel, Health, Finance etc etc.

Any Advice appreciated.
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    Setting up an affiliate program and offering affiliates commission on recurring sales might help. As you are offering $1 trial for 7 days it will be easy for your affiliates to promote the product.

    Another way is to offer a free membership where you give out a few articles and you can follow up with OTOs and emails to upgrade to Gold status. Some people may not upgrade but you can stress on the benefits of affiliate program and tell them how they can promote a $1 trial and get paid recurring commissions. This will get them MOTIVATED to promote your offer instead of other full price offers.
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    Thanks for the input, i'll give away a couple of memberships for free on here.

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    try google adwords and some affiliate networks.I think it wiil be good for you
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    Thanks for the input. I need to get moving I think

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      FREE TO DO: -
      1, write a few articles and get your links in the resource boxes and submit to as many as you can..

      2, Make a few YouTube videos..

      Windows Movie Maker is easy to learn and you can make a movie with a few still pictures and some animated titles easily enough.

      One of the links in my sig leads to a youtube video I made. I'm no techie but it was easy.. It's a new one so no traffic yet BUT it will come..


      I created and run the only truly automatic website backlinking system (3 years and still going strong!) We provide HIGH PR links (ALL done manually by my own staff) every month on complete autopilot (for the Client). These are now posted from UNIQUE IP addresses. When you're sick of hours creating backlinks AND STILL getting nowhere consider this hands free service. (WF Coupon code JH1960) Website | WF Thread | Support Desk

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    Hey Helpandinfo,

    Thanks for your post, some great info. I've actually never thought about making a video!

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    Yeah, create some articles, and can also book mark those articles. You could also do a press release, the best is prweb, slighly pricey but a good one off press release can be amazing!!

    Also you could look at ezine ads? With your articles, you can also split them up into powerpoint slides, and then read those out for youtube videos...and then take the audio of those videos and submit to podcast sites.


    It's still not working for you??? Need direction?...
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    You might look at to create some free (up to 30 sec) videos for YouTube.


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    I know for a fact that the $1 free trials do work and convert. Give this a go - as long as your product is of great value many of them will stay on and pay you month after month
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    You promote your site same as you promote for any other website, though because you are in the IM niche, you can promote it in the wso section assuming it is your own work. Otherwise go to the classifified section

    "$100 On eBay with just 10 Minutes Work! {120+ copies SOLD}"

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    I've promoted it on here and to be honest, didn't get a great response. Of course, my sales pitch may have been slightly week.

    I tried doing 20 Ezines - they all got denied. Ezine say they don't accept anything relating to PLR, although there are plenty of PLR articles on there!?

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