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I could logged into gmail, but after logged in, I did not see my inbox. I see an error message. Temp. ERROR 505.

Do you guys too get it? I really wonder, All of my important emails are there. Really fedup with this dance?

You guys too get the same issue?
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    I'm getting errors today too - couldn't retrieve my contacts for some reason. My guess is that they're doing work on it =)
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    yes they are having issues...

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    Having some trouble with GMail aswell. All my contacts are temporarily (I hope) gone.

    A good tip would be to use the forward copy function of gmail and have it forward a copy of all emails to another email service (like yahoo for example). This will make sure you're never locked out from reading your email.

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    Google's twitter recent updates:

    Gmail should be back for most of you. Thanks for your patience. As always check the apps status dashboard for more info. Apps Status Dashboard33 minutes ago from web

    We're aware some people are experiencing some difficulties w/ Gmail and we're working to fix it ASAP. IMAP and HTML view are workarounds. about 1 hour ago from web
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    I got a message saying I could not access my contacts.
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    Errors For Me Too. I hope it gets fixed soon. I need to dl all my emails just in case
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      There is a big red notice on the gmail account explaining there's a problem and it's being worked on. What more is there to know?

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    Gmail went down entirely recently, and Google did not long before that. Every time I've these things happen they have been fixed in less than a day... so far.

    Probably nothing to worry about.
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    facebook was down too about a or two ago. as for gmail, it will be up and running in a while
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    Its a google thang! All my accounts were down wirh 505 error messages for a couple of hours or so. All working now.
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      Logged in few times today throughout the day - no problem.
      Tried to log in just now as well. Works fine...
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    This morning I was having issues, at firs tI thought it was just me! I'm glad it wasn't.. but everything seems to work now.

    I can't imagine what this world would come to if GMail were to ...dissapear.. :-x
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      I too am getting messages that my contacts are not available. Other then that my gmail works normally.

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