What tools do you need to promote an affiliate link?

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I'm new to Internet Marketing just finished reading The Circle of Profits by Anik Singal, great book. Now I wanted to start promoting affiliate products to start diving into the Internet Marketing and learn as much as I can, Thank You in advance.
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    A website or blog are great places to start putting your affiliate links. Getting traffic to them is the hard part. Building a mailing list from your visitors is another great source.
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    You can use Keyword Spy Tool. At first look this seems, by all accounts, to be a paid apparatus, however, they have a "lifetime free trial".
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    If you just want to promote naked links, that's going to be really tough because you're essentially spamming

    You need to wrap the promotional link around stuff people want--CONTENT

    The content OPENS the prospect and the value of the link CLOSES the prospect

    In a way, online marketing is like SPAM musubi - the payload (the part of your message that makes you money) is the spam but for people to want to EAT what you're dishing, you need to give them EGG / RICE / NORI / etc... in other words, CONTENT or ENGAGEMENT or some other VALUE

    For the easiest method to promote aff links in 2017, I suggest the following

    content landing pages with your aff links

    promote the content landing pages on FB groups

    Schedule your posts via MP or HS or other tools
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      Hi bro, what do you mean MP and HS?
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      How do I get content landing page?
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        Originally Posted by Abdirizak Haji View Post

        How do I get content landing page?
        You build them


        A bar of iron cost $5. Made into horseshoes, it's worth $12. Made into needles, it's worth $3500. Made into balance springs for watches, it's worth $300,000. Your value is determined by what you are able to make of yourself

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    How are you going to differentiate yourself from other affiliates promoting the same product?
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    There are couple of resources and software's you can leverage to promote your affiliate link. You can start of with

    1. Facebook promotion
    2. Facebook Fanpage and Groups
    3. Email marketing if you already have emails. if you don't then consider the next point.
    4. Solo ad swap
    5. Viral click (hijackrr). Though i haven't used it but reviews it s acceptable
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    What tools do you need to promote an affiliate link?
    A computer with Internet access.
    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
    All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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    You can cloak use Pretty Link on Wordpress or try some paid service like Clickmeter.

    Use Landing page using Instapage, Upviral or Leadpages to collect email address
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    A self-hosted Wordpress blog is the #1 tool for earning trust, for sharing value, for building connections and for growing a list through which you can promote and earn through affiliate marketing.
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Hi jcmunoz1,

    One of the tools you might find useful is WP link shield, a powerful link cloaker and protector.

    If you're looking for simple tracking the free bit.ly site can help a lot.

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    hey there

    here are the abc's

    a. you need a computer with internet access
    b you need a landing page which can be a free blog like blogger.com or a website
    c use facebook groups as a traffic generater to drive traffic to your landing page
    d copy and paste your affiliate link on your landing page then write some good content about your niche for your visitors to see and take action

    these are the basis of internet marketing

    talk soon
    sam f
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      What type of facebook groups and how do you drive the traffic? Do you have to create the group? Do you have an example to share? I'd also like some more information about how to go about doing this. Can you (or anyone) suggest a relatively recent and proven course that offers some sort of step-by-step guide to affiliate marketing?
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    Here's another...targeted traffic that converts.
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    Build a like page on Facebook and pay for ads to direct traffic to your page. The ads will be cheaper because your ads are directing traffic to a page within Facebook.

    A like page can be a powerful tool in getting to know your audience. Once anyone clicks Like, they will be subscribed to your page. It's essentially a list.

    That's just one way of doing it and how i have done things in the past.
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    Top affiliates always have places that they use to market anything they want to earn commissions with what ever product they are promoting. They have multiple places and they have $1,000's in their budget every month to market.

    So paying for traffic and testing different places is going to be YOUR KEY to success with affiliate marketing.
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    First of all, learn the main think first. Here there are many expert, you can touch with them. Choose good product. Learn how to write good content, how to increase targeted traffic & how to marketing. Then you will be able to earn money. Thanks a lot.
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    Welcome my friend yes we can teach u everything and this not easy just u need open your mind
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    Use facebook and youtube as a free source of traffic. For facebook I would be creating like pages and pay for ads to be directed to this page. Ads are cheaper because your like page is a domain of facebook.
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    Leads has really helped me take content curation to another level.

    It's fast, intuitive, and one of the easiest tools around for leveraging the authority of other people's content to grow my list.
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