Internet Marketing in GERMANY??/ (german customers??)

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hello, i want to do some research before i start a new project. my first language is german. my idea is first to do online marketing in german language, and then if it should work market the same products in english. For that i will need someone whos first language is english. What do you think is it more difficult for example to sell ebooks about health, training, personal development to a german audience?? i have the impression that german people are somehow not open for it, and want anyway everythink for free. What do you think, what are your experiences with different volks thank english speaking people? thanks
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  • Im from Belgium, and i earn money with some affiliate websites in Dutch(so target is Belgium and Netherlands), but my English websites earn me off course more
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    You have to go with the numbers, whether or not you think it will convert the numbers will always be the definitive answer.

    Test small and get some data and see what happens. You never know, you may find it converts and if a lot of people are not promoting in Germany because of the same assumption you have less competition and can really clean up.

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    Hey, just go to and research your market. It's your customer.... You must understand them the best!
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    @Guus Van Bruwaene: you write: "my English websites earn me off course more"...why do you say "of course"? that means i am right with my assumption? thanks
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    Personally, I think you have an advantage being German. You're not limited to only 'English' products.

    I'm not sure what type of site you are trying to start, but if you are looking for products to sell - check out Clickbank.

    They have products that are available in many different languages. Pick the German ones to start. You can sort by 'gravity' to see which products are selling the best.

    This way you can test the market with existing products rather than having to produce your own.

    Advertising on Facebook and other social media will also be a lot cheaper to do in Germany than the USA. (another advantage for you )

    hope this helps

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