Is it safe to backup your files online?

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Just wondering if you think it's safe to backup your files online? And if so which company you'd go with? If you do a bit of digging on each of the big file storage companies it's shocking what kind of articles are out there. The one's that don't have articles have other issues I've ran into, like not enough storage, etc etc. Any suggestions?
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  • Hi, in any case you must ALWAYS have a backup. In my case i have an offline backup(Har disk drive) and off course an Online backup. I use dropbox pro for that. Its not 100% backup in theory but i use it like that. And the great thing is that you have great apps so you have all your documents at any time on any place. Even if you dont have internet there is option in dropbox to store them offline.

    So in short you MUST have ALWAYS a backup. There can be many things that go wrong:

    - Virus, malware
    - Cryptoware
    - Thief
    - Fire
    - Hard disk fail
    - ...

    so in my opinion you MUST have an online backup. Then you are always 100% safe. But maybe i am a little freak i still like to have a local hard disk backup also.

    There are many online backups. Just do some google research
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    For my money, if it's security you want then go with CertainSafe, they are the best I've found for security.
    However not the easiest to use, they use a two part key yours and theirs, with a different key for every file. It's what they call a zero knowledge system; that means no one at CertainSafe has any way to decrypt your data without your part of the key.

    The big feature is what they call MicroEncryption. Your encrypted data gets split up into chunks that are stored on different hard drives and servers. What chance would a hacker have with bits and pieces all over the place.

    It also uses a multistep handshake, cons - you can't just load files it needs to be folders, plus if you lose your login details there is no way to retrieve your stuff - well it's security you wanted.
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    If it's online, it's public.
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      Originally Posted by yukon View Post

      If it's online, it's public.
      I agree, what is wrong with a external hard drive

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        Originally Posted by agmccall View Post

        I agree, what is wrong with a external hard drive


        2TB cost around $50.
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    More than likely they would be safe. (Not 100% though.)

    All I do is use a USB stick.
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    I have been using Hard Disk. Beside the Hard Disk, I have been using the Google Drive & Dropbox for a long time without any problem. Thanks for your interest.
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    I've been backing up my stuff lately on Amazon S3. Cheap, fast, forever.
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    You could always zip your backup and upload it to Amazon S3 - although like others here I'm more comfortable having a physical backup.
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      I don't recommend to host private file but yes you can host other file without any problem...Just search on Google...Top 10 or top 5 secure file hosting site...
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