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I am currently in the works with signing a sponsorship deal with a guy who owns 10 sites in my niche who does not normally accept sponsorship but is allowing me to pay a monthly fee for a home page link in the body of the text of the homepage something like "Check out xxx.com for the best microwaves" . He's charging 100$/month and All his sites are 10+ years old with a TF / CF of the ROOT domain of

xxx.com 40/40
xxx.com 47/39
xxx.com 41/36
xxx.com 30/31
xxx.com 28/30
xxx.net 29/28
xxx.com 33/32
xxx.com 34/35
xxx.com 28/26
xxx.com 32/32

Is the link flow going to be strong? Or should I request a blog post where I can type up an article for each link?

Looking for advice on whether or not I should do the deal.
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    If those are blog style Home pages your link/s won't last long.
    • Are they permanent Home page links or temporary?
    • Is the site relevant?
    • Does the site generate any traffic on its own?
    • Does each individual site Home page have a decent followed link profile?

    TF/CF is hype. Do the research on the link profiles.

    Also, If the guy selling links advertised he's selling links, forget it, forget everything and walk away with your money.
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      1. They are permanent
      2. Not blog style
      3. All his sites are on the first 3 pages of google for various terms
      4. It has a good/decent link profile.
      5. He does NOT advertise.

      Only problem I found oout is that all the sites are the same IP but thats due to the fact that this guy isnt selling a PBN these are just his business/personal use websites so thats why he never put them on sep. IPs
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