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Greetings and thanks again to the many posters who share their hard-earned knowledge.

I have created a Website which is a self-improvement site, and which contains sections devoted to fitness, nutrition, goal-setting, etc. I developed it with the idea to help people and also to gain their trust and then sell them good-quality digital products and affiliate offers.

I have a lot of experience in these areas, and thus wound up putting up more than 70,000 words divided into 12 sections. I have broken up each section with topic headings and lots of nice graphics. The material is written in a relaxed conversational style.

Because I have read and heard that "these days" people like to just sit and watch videos, I have done them for about half of the site. They're not fancy; just me reading the page and making a few comments.

One section I worked on a few days ago would take an hour to read.
I did a video version of it, but it totals up to about 1/2 hour, which is about average for the other sections, although one section is about 90 minutes long, and another will be about an hour. If I put them up, I'll break them up into 15-minute sections.

My concern, however, is that people are not going to spend 45-60-90 minutes watching a video, and maybe also wouldn't spend 20-30-45 minutes to read a section.

So my question is am I right about this concern, and if so, what to do about it? I did think of cutting the length of the sections a lot and then making up a course which I would then (hopefully) sell.

May I have some constructive feedback and suggestions?

Many thanks for your kind replies.
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    You just need to tell people about the information in brief and general in your video and tell them to download the whole main information pack from your site. Make your self a bit attractive (funny, friendly, etc) when you talk in the video. Good luck.

    You can also give people choices: text file, audio file or video file. Make them sign-up to your list just before you reveal the download link.

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    I would rarely ever watch a long video on YouTube or elsewhere from someone I don't know or is not established as an authority/expert in my eyes.

    Maybe go for bite sized videos where you go over really specific parts or questions for ±5 minutes or less, throw a couple of those on YouTube, see if you get any traction and use that as a means to drive traffic/leads to your bigger videos.
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    Thanks for your feedback and ideas.

    My site does establish me as an authority, but your point is still well-taken.

    The idea for some short videos is great...thanks!
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    Yep; def package some of those long videos and tutorials into courses. Keep short, brief videos and 5 minute or so reads on your blog. Helpful, but more of a teaser approach you want here.
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    Thanks, Ryan!

    Great suggestion; any hint on the courses?

    Video, text, or both? If video, how long should each course section be?
    For example, the section that's 1 hour long in video format, how do I break that up, and also how about delivering the parts?

    Thanks in advance for your advice!
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      All good responses you should take seriously. Eduard and Ryan both mentioned short bite-sized videos...

      Take a look at or any site like it where you can view the description and length of all videos in a given course. It's much easier to absorb and learn in sort of micro chunks like that It's often much more desirable for the learner, visitor, customer etc.

      So, take a look at that for an example of how to break your videos into digestible parts. You'll also get an idea of how to structure your eventual courses as well...although I recommend selling them on your own site or a platform you have more control over than the one I mentioned. Per the"video text or both?" all 3---video, audio and text as options isn't a whole lot harder than just doing video. You're killing 3 birds and the overall value is shooting upward.
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    Thanks for taking the time to respond.

    Great advice to see how Udemy does it.

    Your advice, as well as that of the others has been helpful.

    Thanks again.
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    I don't think one video is going to sell much.

    Look at high traffic weight training video channels on Youtube, they break the niche down into dozens of videos targeting one subject at a time instead of everything under the sun in one video.

    This way allows dozens of entry points for traffic since everyone isn't interested in the exact same thing at the same time but they're all interested in the overall niche (ex: weight training).
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    Thanks, Yukon.

    MY site is broken down from life improvement into categories such as fitness, nutrition, etc., but I can see how further segmentation would make sense.

    My idea for my site was to have lots of free info to build trust and then sell mainly via my list. Looks like I might still be able to do that, but again, bite-sized pieces seem to make sense.

    Thanks again.
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    The idea for some short videos is great...thanks!
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