Why don't I have any subscribers yet to my pet service?

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I have a website called Alfiesbox.com , a pet subscription service that ships an assortment of toys and treats to those who subscribe to receive them. I have a rather large FB page of nearly 100K, yet nothing.

Any tips?

Thanks guys!
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    You have to post Blog content on regular basis about your pet products to increase the number of subscriber.
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    I took a quick look at your site, and I can understand why you're not getting the traction that you should.

    The subscription service offer doesn't stand out, it looks more like a regular blog post.

    I would recommend using a landing page specifically for the subscription offer.

    I didn't get a chance to check you out on Facebook, but if you have that much fans, you're right, you should be making more sales.

    Some suggestions:
    1. get your Facebook audience more engaged with your brand. Ask more questions, post surveys etc.

    2. offer a free giveaway for the subscription box, the only stipulation is they have to 'share' it with their friends. This will get more eyes on your offer.

    3. create a video about your service that can be shared.

    Let me know if this is helpful...

    The Goal is to get more leads and sales, and I want to help. Check out my FREE eBook: It's Raining Leads and Referrals. Take action and let me know about your results. To Your Success! Marsha D.

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      You recommended a landing page. Could you be more specific?
      As for trying to get the Facebook audience engaged, what other ideas would recommend? Would a $50 giveaway be a good idea, or $100?
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    Your competition is BarkBox - go to that site and look at it.

    Clearly states what it is - right up front - shows you what's in the box and then makes it easy to order by offering boxes by dog size and with prices by subscription link.

    I know several people who get a barkbox for their dog every month - and have for some time. My neighbor's dog literally starts shaking in excitement every month when the box arrives - there IS a market.

    I'd spend any money on paid ads rather than some sort of cash giveaway. There are so many things you can do - theme boxes for holidays - puppy boxes - special pricing for multiple pet households.
    Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world will change forever for that one dog.

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      Do you think I can achieve this with woocommerce or paypal professionaL?
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    Depending on the age group of your audience, and the device they are using to access your site, they may simply not be able to read it.

    The site template uses a very thin typeface in a fairly small font. There's not enough contrast, so the type fades and becomes hard to read.

    Try using one of the simulators out there to see how your site looks on mobile phones, tablets, etc. Simply making the site easier to read may help.
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    Out of those 100K numbers -and that is all 100K is, a number how many are engaged human beings who are craving what you have to offer? None yet, and that is OK. Because it shows you that engagement is the key to getting subscribers aka business.

    Focus on sharing helpful facts about pet toys, how they benefit pets, etc, through a self hosted Wordpress blog. Help folks for free. Build your email list. Build 1 to 1 connections through your list and blog comments. Folks will buy when you build those bonds and focus less on inaminate objects, aka numbers. Happy Selling.
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      Well said! I appreciate your words!
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      Can you give me an example of how you would build an email list with wordpress? Any recommended app?
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    There are a lot of issues with your website but before I delve into those... are you getting traffic from your FB page (or anywhere else) to your website/sales page?

    I'm looking at your page on my phone and the first things I see is a logo that says 'Alfies Box' and has a tagline underneath it.

    The tagline says "Get Gift Boxes for Your Pets Fast! or Every pet deserves something to be happy about." Seems like this is an error and you meant to choose one or the other. Either way, it looks and feels unprofessional, especially when I can get the same thing from other vendors for the same price and I have more confidence in those companies.

    Then directly underneath that it says 'Alfies Boxes' and has a different tagline.

    In my opinion, the sales copy is too much about you and not enough about the customer. It also has several turn offs such as "we are trying" which tells me you're not actually doing it. And then it says these toys are "run through several tests"... What tests? Where's the proof? What makes you think you know my pet better than I do?

    Then Alfie is a cat but you mention "small and large dogs as well as cats". The website and copy are all over the place and lack any real direction and conviction. If you're getting traffic here, it's easy to see why nobody is giving you their money.

    Even the PayPal subscribe button looks awful and unprofessional. Use a professional buy button and link it to the URL of your subscription if you're going to use PayPal.

    Then at the end it says "$70 billion spent on pets..." Why do your customers care about this? They probably only care about their own pets.
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      I am getting some traffic yes, but users are more interested in items when they are more specific.
      You raise many good points and I need to make several edits on here. I really appreciate your kind words and the time you took to look at this.

      As you can see, I have the woocommerce option via the shop (1 time payments) and also the paypal for subscriptions.... what would you do here?

      I really appreciate any additional info you can give me to put me on the right track!
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    I have also started my blog and i have a site that sells custom tshirts and i've been trying to get traffic from my facebook fanpage

    the results i've gotten are not that great but i started posting viral images and videos and they got more engagement and in return i started getting more traffic.

    Try that i think it will work well especially in the pets niche
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      How do you post viral images and videos? On the products social media page? and does it link back to the website?
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        Yes exactly, I post viral and fun stuff on the social media page and sometimes when the post gets good engagement i even boost it to get even more exposure.. People actually like to share funny videos and memes on social media so I also have a link back to my site inside the post description

        i use google link tracker to track any clicks to my site
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    Promote your website. Generate traffic to ti using different traffic generation techniques. With time, you will a lot of subscribers.
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