Ways To Make Money Through A Website/Blog?

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I am creating a website and hoping it costs me less than $20 for a domain and hosting.

I have the audience for it, ill be sending my audience to this website. Now the question is - What are the ways I can make money through the website? If its through banners, etc then could you please list a few platforms that pay weekly? And what other ways are there to make money with a large audience but without spending big bucks? My problem is that I do have traffic, I just don't know how to utilize it. Email marketing costs so I can't go for that since I have $20 in my paypal atm.

Thank you.
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    What niche are you planning to cover?
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    What is your website about? There are many ways you can make money with your new site, the key is to tailor it to your audience.
    Start with Google adsense, then find affiliate offers and products that your audience would find useful.
    Also, are you tracking your visitors and activity? If you want to sell banner ads etc. you will need to know this information.
    I have a cool tool/plugin that can make setting up your Wordpress blog easy peasy. Message me if you would like a free copy. It will create your basic pages that every website needs, including privacy policy, affiliate disclaimers and much much more.

    hope this helps

    The Goal is to get more leads and sales, and I want to help. Check out my FREE eBook: It's Raining Leads and Referrals. Take action and let me know about your results. To Your Success! Marsha D.

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      my website will basically be viral articles about anything and everything.

      That's cool! I'll use the plugin. But will wordpless blog allow banner ads, etc? I imagine they have a ton of restrictions.
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      Create premium courses & writte some ebooks to sell your audience.
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    I doubt you will find platforms that pay you weekly.
    But you can find platforms, that accomplish payments when you have reached predefined target. If you reach that target (100 USD for example) in a week, it is gorgeous.
    If you have a large audience, of course, banners are really helpful way to monetize your website.
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      I do have a large audience! could you name a few reliable platforms that find social media traffic acceptable?
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        If you need to monetize your social media profile, Facebook for example, you could try to set up kind of shop on your Facebook Fanpage and offer all the products you want to promote and get paid for them via affiliate marketing. Even Apple has affiliate programs, so, the choice is all yours.
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          Any advice for Twitter? I could try that, I'll search for companies that offer affiliate programs!
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      Hey McFly.... If you're going to spam posts with your FB link at least learn how to do it right......
      Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

      ― George Carlin
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    If you already have the site and the traffic, why not asking them to join your list? You don't need to spend money for that, just ask.

    The other immediate way is by using Google adsense . If you already have the traffic as you said, you will get some good advertisement clicks for sure.

    Join My Mailing List, Get One Free Internet Marketing Ebook Every Monday Ramon Tarruella's Internet Marketing Knowledge

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      Thanks. Good idea but won't I need around $50 dollars to set up that list for email marketing?
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    I'd stay away from banner ads Gina because that earns pennies when you start getting more traffic. Even if you have a following already as you do, really small ticket stuff.

    Ideas: create an online course, offer consulting services, write and self-publish eBooks.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      Hi, I have written an e-book with 2 bonus e-books and wanted to put it on clickbank but I don't have enough money to making a funnel and etc, do you have advice on how to publish it?
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    Give out snippets of your content.... teasers if you will

    Lead them back to your squeeze page

    Sell through your list

    Don't sell through your sales page

    Save that traffic then DRIPFEED your branding

    Also, it helps to sell your OWN BOOKS - higher margins/MORE RESPONSIVE product
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    Personally, I like to have an Optin Form to a Course or Video in the upper right hand corner

    Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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