Allen Says, John Reese: I am so disappointed!

by Kevin Riley 15 replies
Traffic Secrets 2 arrived today.

Oh, wait! I'm not dissapointed in it. Thump factor alone is impressive, and I think my poor little FedEx dude has got a hernia.

I looked inside, and it looks like I'm going to have fun this evening going through all this.


I had the cigars all ready to go, good Scotch set aside, and those two lovely young women to wait on you -- and you never showed. Imagine my disappointment opening the door and seeing just the FedEx guy.

Of course, he's happy. He's sitting in my living room now, smoking a fine cigar and grinning from ear to ear as two very beautiful young women pour his Scotch for him.


Thanks! Been a long time since I won a prize and I feel like a kid at Christmas time. Thank you very much.
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