7 Rules For Success Online

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Hey guys, I just wrote a new post so I figured I should share it with you too. It's about 7 rules that I have for building a real online business. Here they are:

1. Focus on building a community.

A community of people who know like and trust you can make you money for a lifetime if you treat them right.

2. Focus on providing value and helping people.

Give and you shall receive - they say. And it's true - the more you give, the more people will follow you and trust your recommendations because they know you act in their best interest.

3. Focus on building your brand.

A brand is an asset. Once people associate your name with high quality this increases the value of everything you create. People are more inclined to check out what you have just because it comes from you. Also if you decide so in the future you can sell your business as a brand.

4. Focus on selling high quality programs.

This is how you provide even more value to your community. You shouldn't be ashamed to sell. Because there are programs and products out there that can change a person's life! And it's in their best interest to get these products in their hand. You're helping them by providing them with quality products. The keyword is quality. You should never promote crap products because that will only hurt your reputation and people will lose trust in you.

5. Reinvest your profits into growing your community.

This is how you scale a small business into a big business. Reinvesting your profits is key to your success. Your community is your #1 asset. The bigger your community, the more authority you will have in the marketplace. And the more money you will make because you will have bigger influence and more people ready to buy.

6. Focus on building a high converting sales-funnel.

This is how you make more money with the same amount of traffic. A high converting sales-funnel will allow you to make a lot of money with a small community and ultimately allowing you to grow that community by reinvesting your profits back into your business.

7. There's only 2 things you should work on in your business: TRAFFIC. And CONVERSIONS.

So focus on those 2 things.

Every minute you spend working on your business ask yourself this:
Is what I'm doing now going to increase my traffic and influence? Is it going to make me more sales? Is it going to provide some kind of value to my community?

If the answer is no, it means you're doing the wrong thing! Stop immediately what you're doing and focus back on the activities that will make you money. For example: creating videos, writing a promo email to your list, finishing your product and generally just selling more.

These are some of my rules for success now.

Thanks for reading. I hope you got some value out of it.
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  • I'm just starting out in internet marketing, and I have to say I love your post. I wrote everything down on paper, and will be using your outline as I continue moving forward. Thank you.
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    I think I will learn the way you did, thank you!
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    thanks your post,it is very helpful for me
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    WOW, just joined the forum... this is the 1st post i read and it just changed my game totally!
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      Originally Posted by Ivelin2008 View Post

      Hey guys, I just wrote a new post so I figured I should share it with you too. It's about 7 rules that I have for building a real online business. Here they are:

      1. Focus on building a community.

      I would say this is the most important part, or BUILD a LIST, too many times you see this on the warrior forum and not act. I basically changed my life when I started building a list. I went from failing to doing 6 figures.....so its true what they sayi...... the MONEY IS IN THE LIST. Yes, yes yes....and double yes. Very true.

      Originally Posted by Guus Van Bruwaene View Post

      Yes patient is also a big part
      Originally Posted by Aric Williams View Post

      WOW, just joined the forum... this is the 1st post i read and it just changed my game totally!

      well, you just got nuggets they usually sell you in a 97 ebook, but what are you going to do with that information. Just read it, or actually act apon it. Because if you act upon it it can make you a small fortune. Infact this information has been responsible for creating multimillionaires.
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    Here is what I learned how to succeed online:
    - Patient
    - Keep moving
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    Great starting tips

    People should read those tips and research actionable steps to put those tips into action

    For example: how exactly do you build a community around your brand?

    Answer? Social media

    Step 1: create an account on all the major social media platforms

    Step 2: research niche groups/accounts on those platforms that focus on your brand's niche

    Step 3: Do outreach through @ mentions / info sharing / contributed content

    Step 4: Tie everything through email collection
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    Very Nice , useful post
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    Focus on providing value and helping people. Honestly, I think that's the biggest one and the one a lot of people don't focus on.

    Too many people look at online marketing as a way to take from people when this is not the case. You're not online just seeking to take money from people, but you are trying to help them to fix their problems.

    The more you can help them with their problems by providing a solution the more money you'll make online. Learn how to think about other people first and you'll watch your life and your business go to the next level.
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    Thank you for this great post. It was very valuable. Do you think social media can get you traffic and make you sales? I have been shooting some videos now and posting them on facebook i also started doing some live streams too but so far i haven't got that much traffic to my links
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    Like Gary Vaynerchuk keeps saying: "Doing the right thing, will always be the right thing"

    Or like in his book, jab, jab, jab, right hook, which basically translates to "give, give, give then ask (not take, but ask)"
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    Very intersting. Thank you for sharing like this inpirations. very impressive for me.
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    Oh wow guys, thank you for all the positive replies. I am glad many of you found the post helpful.

    Some of you asked about building your community and YES - social media is definitely a great way to do that. You can build a following on youtube, a following on instagram, a following on facebook. You can grow a facebook group. Your email list is also your own community. Ideally you want to do ALL of these and grow your following everywhere.

    You want to provide as much value as you can as often as you can. Find what people need help with and create content that helps with that. Of course every social media platform has it's own growth tricks and secrets so you may want to focus on 1 or the other and master that.

    But ultimately you want to create real fans who love your stuff and will follow you everywhere - youtube, instagram, fb. They will be on your email list, in your fb group, commenting on your blog posts and checking regularly on updates from you. That's why it's important to be consistent and keep creating content. Even if you're not getting a lot of traffic in the beginning. It's slow and painful in the beginning then as your following grows it becomes a snowball effect - more and more people start following you and going through your funnel.

    Just keep pushing that great high value quality content out!

    That's what I'm doing now Just starting to build my online business tribe and will be sharing with you guys a ton more stuff I've learned over the years.

    Anyway in the meantime keep working hard on your dreams and remember:

    "You can always quit..


    ..so why quit now?" ))

    Just keep pushing and eventually you will get there, okey
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    Like it. Thank you!
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    Thanks for sharing the online success rules, these will help me to build more value and traffic to my website.
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    Very well written post. I think that most people tend to struggle when it comes to trying to build a community and providing with quality. What most of us don't understand is that we have 'serve' the people, not bombard them with promotions. That's when you'll see returns.
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    I think Seth Godin termed it correctly about building a 'Tribe'. Although the 'Tribe' he built at Squidoo didn't quite pan out... but I digress
    EDIT : Okay I see where you mentioned the Tribe thing

    - Robert Andrew

    Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    That is really very helpful. Thanks to share this post with us.
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    really great rules thank you
    and kind regards for all
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    do you know how we can get free traffic and conversions to leads ?
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      Yes, here's a few ways I know:

      1. You can get free traffic with SEO. Creating content people are looking for like an article or a youtube video and ranking it in the search engines (google, if it's a video youtube search engine too).

      Article or video should be 90% value and in the end of it you add a call to action something like this: "Thanks for watching my video. I hope you got much value out of it. Btw I have this much more detailed FREE step-by-step guide that will help you do x and y. If you want it click the link below." -and at the end of the post or in the video description have a link to your landing page where you collect leads

      2. Blogging - Authority blogs get a lot of free traffic but if you're just starting out with blogging yours will get 0 traffic So best way to get some of the traffic is to start guest posting on other popular blogs in your niche. Find all of them and see who accepts guest posts. Create some great posts and contact them. Start low first. You are more likely to get accepted on a not so popular blog first because they likely don't get that many guest post requests as the top high traffic blogs.

      You can collaborate with other popular youtube channels, too.

      3. Social media - you can build a following in your niche by providing value. Every platform has it's own secrets for growing an account so you will want to become an expert at it. You can also participate in related facebook groups. Offer your lead magnet to your following that will get them to go to your website and sign up and become a lead.

      4. Participating in communities like forums, fb groups, google plus or any other places your target market hangs out. You can have a link in your signature leading to your landing page and just start providing value. People will notice and check out your stuff.
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    You said it all. If anybody can practice all these things above, he or she will be successful online.
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    Pretty sure I commented on this post already but goodness I see the benefit of #1 more each day. Building a community is literally recruiting an army of folks who promote you, adding a heavy passive element to your blogging campaign.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    I like these 7 rules for success. Hope more people read and take heed.
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    Very useful. Thanks for sharing.

    Creative Designer and Developer !

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    Very helpful for me! Thank you
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      Originally Posted by simon1998 View Post

      Very helpful for me! Thank you
      it is a good post, sad thing is, about 1% of people reading this will do nothing.

      That is why the senior warriors like myself do not care about giving away the big secrets. :-)
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        Originally Posted by celente View Post

        it is a good post, sad thing is, about 1% of people reading this will do nothing.
        As long as the remaining 99% of people act, that's fantastic.

        That is why the senior warriors like myself do not care about giving away the big secrets. :-)
        Specifically, what are the 'big secrets' which you've given away?
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    1. Focus on building a community.

    A community of people who know like and trust you can make you money for a lifetime if you treat them right.
    This is what we old-timers refer to as satisfied, repeat customers.
    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
    All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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    Building a brand is critical. The overall goal for success should be to truly help people in a uniquely differentiated way. So many online marketers out there are just doing what everyone else is doing - that's not the path to success. For those who want to be successful, the key is to understand the market and to build something that addresses the "problem" or "desire" in a unique way that is differentiated from everyone else - not doing what everyone else is already doing. Focus on the customer. When you make them satisfied and successful, that's when you'll be successful. Great post!
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    Love them!

    I would also add in to find the pain point/find the dream. Always make it about who you're talking to.

    One of my biggest mistakes is focusing on a benefit instead of focusing on telling the customer how it will let them achieve their dreams.
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  • These are most precious rule, follow them hearty I like the way you describe them..than for this beautiful post.
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    Thank you for taking time to write the good article, you explain very nice about how the success from online. it's very helpful. i got best seo services in chennai through maha technologies. they provide wonderful services. i got many business lead through online.
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    hey thank you it was such an informative post
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    Great advices .In the past i was focusing in promoting a lot of niches with many traffic sources etc and this was a waste of time .Secret its to have a large list of email and provide them value and you have a business
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    I think the point about helping people and always providing quality products/programs is spot on. It's a lot harder to make the first sale than to make a repeat sale...so we want our customers to be happy!

    Persistence is also key. It's too easy to give up too soon. The people that have made millions are the ones who didn't give up.

    Do You Know the 5 Key Reasons People Fail to Make Money Online? http://epuerto.clkpfct.com/go/OPTF

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    i hate when you see people say do this and that...and they have the secrets.

    Basically in the beginning I had to work my tits off. LOL....yes.

    It gets easier as you become an expert, but I worked 15 hours a day, until I build a nice list and got things under control.

    Now I can wake up and know which activties are going to bring me a 6 figure a year business.

    Basically lead generation is key, along with sales funnel.

    If you have all these in place you will consistantly do well.
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    alot of good posts, in here.

    but I would say to be successful, and do it very fast.

    build a list, and keep at it each day.

    if you do this, you can go from broke to making money fast.

    Making money is not about the money, its more about your mentality, if you believe you can do this, you will be able too, and find a good way.
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    Just Amazing, Your tips and tricks help me to get success in online.
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  • 1 word is huge important in online business:

    F O C U S

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    Hi there, as you can tell I'm very new into the whole idea of having multiple Instagram accounts and growing them simultaneously.

    i was wondering Is it as simple as googling there niche and taking photos from google to upload or is there more in depth routes people go down.

    Where do people with such a large catalogue of Instagram account find all there content?

    Apologies if i sound very plain here, any replies welcome
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