How to generate life insurance leads

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Hello Warriors,

I'm currently affiliated with a company that sells life insurance and other investment products, what I wanted to know whats the best way to generate leads online, other then cold calling people or going door to door.

Thank You
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    that will be easy with google adwards because all people trust in google search engine
    hope that help you
    thank you
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    I'd run a blog on life insurance issues, post helpful articles, and grow your list through a benefits-heavy pop up form to get targeted leads.
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    I mainly use fresh / targeted 3rd party email data.

    Which is simply email data that the users have shown an interest in a specific vertical (niche) and have provided permission to receive messages from third parties. You get the opt-in record for each user and it's 100% can-spam compliant.

    I've been doing the above for over 16 years and it works extremely well.

    However, there is much more to it than what appears on the surface. Much like an iceberg where only 10% is above water and the other 90% you don't see. It's the 90% that's not obvious that can make / break you.

    Also, it's really much more of a business model than a traffic strategy. Whereby, if all I ever did was promote life insurance and never promoted anything else. I would have left so much money on the table and never would have had the huge level of success that I've had. Kind of like opening up a restaurant and then only serving one dish.
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    As long as your website is good enough (converts enough visitors into leads), and the lead value is high enough then Adwords is definitely the way to go for instant traffic.

    You will need some budget of course, but if you look online you'll be able to find an Adwords voucher to help you at the start.

    Take care to follow any local financial services rules and regulations. For example, in the UK almost every type of financial business is regulated, including introducers.
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    i would highly reccomend using solo ads and leveraging facebook

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    It's a very competitive niche. Last I checked (and this was years ago) you would have to spend quite a bit per click with Adwords. Which, is obviously worth is if you have a proven funnel that returns a positive ROI.

    I would probably lean toward Facebook advertising. But, first I would choose very specific segments of the market to target and create ads for those groups.

    Without knowing more, it's hard to recommend more. The easiest route to success is to partner with established companies that target your customer base. Possibly places like financial advisors, children's doctors/dentists, HR departments, etc.
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    It´s an extremely competitive niche you are in.

    First rethink if you should go with this niche.

    You will compete against heavy hitters with big budgets.

    Don´t go with it, find new offers.

    I have tried to go into a niche like that, and I lost big money on it.

    You´ll be crushed by others on Adwords, FB and Bing.

    If you want an easier way a pay per call network like RingPartner could help you to get some traing and money in much easier.

    Go to YT and Google for Ringpartner.

    There is so much exellent trainingg for free there, at Ringpartners support is very pro and helpful.
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      you can rank your landing it will help you to collect leads
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    What are the demographics of people that buy life insurance?

    Men? Women? How old?

    How can you target couples that recently had a baby? I'm just guessing, but it seems like they may be a good target demographic.

    Once you have this info, you may be able to use Facebook to target these folks.
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