How do I find top clickbank affiliates for a specific product?

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any tool, method, etc
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    Originally Posted by Alex Noel Herrera Nieves View Post

    any tool, method, etc
    One you have a product listed with a high commission and good sales page, upsells and possibly recurring back end they will find you.

    After you have some history there will be a network tree of affiliates you can contact via the CB platform. Clickbank provides that and you can send them one email via the platform. Make that email count. This will appear on your dashboard after you login and is called Clickbank Insights.

    The other thing to do to kick off the process is to advertise in the banner space on Clickbank.

    There are different prices and options depending on where you place the ad but I'd suggest one of the larger squarish banners on the login page. These are expensive but if you look at who is advertising there you will understand why. It will generate traffic for you.

    The other premium ad position is the larger rectangle on the affiliate dashboard but you can try some of the normal banners inside the marketplace to see what works best for your niche.

    If you have the capital to invest and you have a proven and tested and converting product then you should try this.

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      First make sure commission is good, sales page is catching, provide all sales material like banner, swipe email etc...

      Second start advertising on facebook for getting affiliate. You can also use other way but facebook is must have, i have seen many people advertise on Facebook for getting affiliate ..
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    Good affiliates you will meet on affiliate / internet marketing events
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    Hey my friend you are to strict... look at the gravity, sale page and feel the quality
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    any tool, method, etc
    A proven conversion will have to beat them off with a stick!
    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
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    Once you have join Clickbank as an affiliate, on the main page they have a drop down box with the top selling products on it.

    The key is to write the publisher a short but sweet note to let you sell his product.( Hello name: my name is Name: here is my clickbank ID number and I would love to sell your product on my website or any other ways you may use. Thank you: your name.

    You will need your clickbank id number in order to do this, I have been using clickbank for a while now and it is working great for me
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    sort them by epc
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