Are there any major legalities to approaching multiple Venture capitalists at the same time?

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Lets say you have a startup. You approach say 10 venture capital firms and or angel investors all at the same time with your proposal or whatever. Would there be any legalities that you'd need to factor into that? I don't see any harm in doing that but I'm not a lawyer.
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    If you are pitching an idea Nina and nothing is being signed - no contracts, etc - I cannot see any legal problems with pitching 1 idea to 10 angel investors. Part of the shopping process.
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    I wouldn't think so. But you should consult a lawyer.
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    well you could pull a chris and figure it out later lol

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    Originally Posted by Nina Petrov View Post

    I don't see any harm in doing that but I'm not a lawyer.
    Then you should probably speak with one, because 99% of us are not either


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    I recently secured seed funding for a start up. It's not easy. In my experience, they expect you to contact multiple people/firms when you're in this stage. Business people understand not putting all of your eggs in one basket. I had a lot of success on and Twitter.

    There was a recent story where one start up was taking funding from 2 venture capitalist firms under two separate business names with the same people doing the same work. I wish I could find the story. Stuff like that can get you in big trouble, but just sharing your idea and gauging interest shouldn't. If you start signing deals, then you may want to consult a lawyer.
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    that's kinda what I thought.
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    Shouldn't ask those kinds of questions here.

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    Don't sign any NDAs

    Some will try to trip you up with NDAs
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