Banner Ads ... Yes or no?

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Hi guys,

Who here has had success with banner ads?

If you have, what source do you recommend?

What are the pros and cons?

I've never really experimented with banner ads but I think I will give it a shot.
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    I'm guessing you mean using banners as a traffic source, but how do you plan on monetizing the traffic?
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    It depends on the market.

    In the MMO space, you will encounter a lot of fraud.

    Right now you will get much better action with native ads but it's a challenge to make them profitable.

    The only way to know for your particular circumstances is to test.
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    Did you tried "buysellads" ?

    I have tried before and was satisfied..But you have to research a little about the sites listed there so you can decide which one and what positions can give you the best result..At the end of the day its a matter of Testing and tweaking and see which one and what positions giving you the best results..
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      Thanks ImRoment,

      I haven't tried Buysellads. I will sign up today and give it a go. Do you have any tips for buysellads? Things to look out for?

      Thanks again.

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    The banner ads don't really sell themselves or make you money. The value you share on the site, through blog posts and helpful, solution-providing content, inspires visitors to click on banner ads....or not to click.
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    hey there

    I've tried them and had no luck with them when monetizing my site

    you will however get better results depending on your niche so the best way to answer your question is for you to run a small test on your niche and scale up if your roi is good

    talk soon
    sam f
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    I add new banner regularly on my site and generate good conversion from existing visitors
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    I have and have not. It all comes down to targeting, then ad copy and then funnel optimization no matter where you buy traffic from.

    However, not all banner networks and exchanges are the same. I'd stick to places like Google Display, Facebook, BuySellAds and other similar well known sources.

    One way or another you'll either have to test test test or be totally right and hit it out of the park.

    But yea, banner ads work. But what are you promoting?
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    Based on the degree I have & am working on banner ads are ok if they are relevant to the target audience viewing the page it's attached to. Banner ads shouldn't be invasive by constantly popping up blocking the content they are viewing. Your banners should link to your landing page that's easy to navigate. Lastly I hate banners that open even when you want to close them, force you to stay on the page and or don't allow you to navigate back to previous search.
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    pay attention to banners-ads. first of all TEST your offer and if it converts in the right way ( there are no reasons to use banners if your offer is not powerful)
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    Originally Posted by lukepedretti View Post

    Hi guys,

    Who here has had success with banner ads?

    If you have, what source do you recommend?

    What are the pros and cons?

    I've never really experimented with banner ads but I think I will give it a shot.
    Banner advertising is fantastic my friend!

    I like to place banners pretty much wherever I can if its anywhere near related to the IM niche... especially 468x60

    As far as good places go? IBO Social, Ad Hits, Safelist Mailers, Greg Chadwick sites... just to name a few
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    Generally, they are a waste of time unless you're handing out DISCOUNT CODES for an in-demand product

    The banner ad must run on the right niche sites for this to work though

    Tall order

    You're better off with in-link marketing
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    I've been a member of this forum for 10 years and can count
    on 1 hand how many times I clicked on a banner. It's almost like
    I don't even see them.

    Through the eyes of a beginner, a banner may catch their attention
    a bit more. Banners remind me of a traffic exchange where everybody
    post their best ad, which generally consist of a capture page, and
    the ad that stands out the most, wins the click.

    Personally, I prefer a little bit of content so I can get a feel for what's
    on the other side of the ad. If the banner sends me to a capture page,
    I almost never subscribe because I need info, not flash.
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    Banner ads are just as powerful as any other form of paid media. But you will have to do your due diligence and make sure that the sites where your ads will be shown have traffic that's a match for your landing page and especially your offer.

    Also...make sure you collect leads and have a very powerful VSL in place.

    You want to create as many 'front end' sales as possible instead of Just relying on email marketing.
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    Did you try busellads. They are really good to go with.
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    Banner ads are mostly useful for brand awareness. User see banner ads of a particular brands in a repetition time and people starts recognizing that brand after a particular time.
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