Is it ok to buy the rights to a PLR course and resell it for a higher price?

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Is it ok to buy the rights to a course and resell it for a higher price? Would you recommend selling a PLR course your emal subscribers?
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    You could try but if it's PLR there are others with the same rights to sell it. I'd be more inclined to use the product by rewriting it and providing it as a free report to grow an email list or rewrite it/divide it into a multi-part email course for the same purpose (building the list).

    If you rewrite it you can change the title - add affiliate links if you want, etc - and make it your own. Then you might have something to sell to your subscribers.

    If it's PLR it's easy for someone to google it - and if they see it for sale on other sites at a lower price - or as a giveaway...your credibility takes a hit.

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      How exactly can someone rewrite the course? That seems like a lot of work, is there a way to hire or have someone write that can it
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    You can hire a freelancer to rewrite it for you - it's a matter of adding more info or more details - of rephrasing and reorganizing perhaps.

    Of course it is work - building a business online is work. This is one of the tasks you can hire someone to do for you - but you need to be able to tell that person exactly WHAT you want them to do.

    It sounds easier to raise the price and sell it as is....but will anyone buy it? Depends on how many people are selling this same course - what they are charging, etc.

    If you do a google search for 'how to rewrite PLR' (no quotes) there a lot of info available that may help you.

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    Would you recommend selling a PLR course your emal subscribers?
    It depends on the market.

    If it's MMO then definitely not.

    I've sold a lot of PLR without any editing of any kind. Editing would just lower the value.

    If you are going to do a bunch of work to make it "unique" then you should create something new.
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    PLR . . .

    Quality in ----> Quality out

    Garbage in ----> Garbage out

    If you buy PLR of high quality, it's easy and simple to modify it and "make it your own" - you'll have a valuable and unique product.

    If you start with garbage PLR, it will take you more time than it's worth to fix it. You might as well start from scratch!

    Caution: a lot of marketers can't tell the difference between quality content/design and stuff that is mediocre or just outright bad. I have purchased many PLR products that were touted by product creators and affiliates as "high quality" . . . that weren't even close.

    Be careful to whom you listen. Find a high quality PLR source and stick with it.

    The very best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Has anyone purchased any PLR's from ? Do you believe this is a good source?
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    I don't know about the plrstore but I know these are great:

    PLR Articles By Tiffany Lambert:

    PLR by Alice Seba - Pivotal PLR

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      Thanks I will check these out
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    Your best bet would be to convert PLR into another form like a whiteboard animation or slideshow with voice over.

    It's more engaging and goes a longer way in terms of social media virality.

    I routinely get stuff I've written turned into slideshows for Youtube channels.

    It is DIRT CHEAP : Less than $30

    And quick

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    Is the course any good? How did it help you that it's worth promoting to other people? If you want to earn your subscribers' trust, that should be your first question.
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      I didn't really do too much research on it but it looks really good
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    Add in more content and sell it for higher price, ie: checklist, videos, bonus report, powerpoint slides...
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    You can do that, however you may need to add more value content or edit some to make it more interesting and attracting for end users. With that you can sell again for a higher price.

    Good luck to you,

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    Yes, you can if the PLR course seller provides a licence for it.

    Speaking of licencing, you might want to go for one that allows you to edit the content and graphics completely that you can call and sell as your own.
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    I agree with the idea of re-writing the PLR or use a software to do it for you. By just selling as is, like so many others, you put yourself in the ME TOO lane. You could even outsource it. But re-write is the way to go.
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    As long as the course offers value and it is worthy of being sold without edited, go for it.

    However, it is PLR. PLR was meant to be edited, improved upon, changed up, etc. So to buy a plr product and resell it as is is the easy way out but you better hope nobody is doing the exact same thing you are with the exact same product.

    That's why changing up the product is better. Not only will you end up having fresh information in it, the graphics (should you get new ones) would make it a brand new product also. As a result of this, you could potentially see more sales coming in.
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    Create your own product and be unique.

    That's what's going to separate yourself from the masses.
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