I believe PLR is still a viable model - anyone care to guide me how?

by asc
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AS per title, I think there is still money in PLR but other than buying some and reselling it I wouldnt know where to start.

I am guessing that there are some who have tried here with success (or failure). Anyone care to share their thoughts and/or experiences?
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    I think based off of PLR products being sold every day, everywhere, it's still a viable model whether if you're selling them with plr rights or personal rights. Personally, I'm still figuring out my success or failure with them.

    But if you take a deep look around at all the plr memberships, plr offers on the wso section, plr sites, emails every day promoting a new plr product, etc....

    You would see that there is a market for this. So it all depends. What do you want to do with it? Do you want to make plr products for the end user (as a seller) or use plr products to sell as end products (as a buyer turned into personal use seller) ?
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      Hi, probably seller. For now though I am looking at some of these massive 10,000 bundles sold on fiverr right through to individual ones sold on ebay.

      I am wondering where to purchase them, both the small and large ones - and whilst I am aware that there are copyrights depending on the license, with the bigger bundles are people simply buying them then selling them?

      Ideally there would be a place to start and learn from others who have been down the path - and there seem to be stacks of people who walk down that path!
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    Yeah, PLR products have been working for many years. And there are many sellers of PLR products with PLR as well as MRR which you can sell them yourself. It's still working for me and it saves time in terms of getting products out fast.

    You can always use some to give out as freebies to get subscribers and others as your products to sell.

    Some sellers sell them really cheap. You can find some at fiverr.com.
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    To be brutally honest... the 10,000 bundles being sold for cheap are very likely low quality content. There's just nothing around that man. If you still decide to dabble in that plr content, you'd probably spend a bunch of time editing and rewriting something that would take more time to edit than a high quality plr product.

    It is what it is. Typically the high quality products are sold alone, in limited quantities or sometimes in bundles of other supplemental material (think business in a box type stuff, images, cheat sheets, social marketing material, etc.)

    And to answer your question, yes, people do still buy these enormous packs of plr material (like the 10k or 15k plr) and sell it for pennies on the dollar, which results in the devaluing of the products (that is, if they had any in the first place). This makes it harder for people (like you and me) to go buy bundles like those because even though there may be a diamond in the rough, the time spent on finding it could have been used more effectively towards something else (in the plr field).

    I'll tell you this though. There have been stacks of people who have just looked to rebrand plr (or reformat it, or just rewrite it, etc. ) There are also stacks of people who do all three (and then some more)! It's just a matter of what path you want with this field.
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    My take is that it's still a viable market, based on how many PLR products are being sold. Having said that, while you might make some money in the short run, a better strategy might be to rewrite and edit the material, adding to it to make the product uniquely yours. Or repurpose it into a video.

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    You can make money off PLR content by converting it into videos using whiteboards/animations with voiceover

    I get these done for less than $30 and generate LONG TERM / RECURRING traffic off Youtube

    Passive traffic

    Work once, get traffic many times

    Goes hand in hand with Passive income: Work once, earn many times
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      Hi writeaway, may I ask, how do you get the whiteboard/animation videos done for less than $30? Thanks
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    PLR can be profitable used if you modify the content without losing the main objective. In other words it should be entirely re-written for deriving more benefit.
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    I'm not a big PLR fan, personally. But, if you can find quality PLR, it's worth giving it a shot. I sell my own products to most people on my list. But, if they make it 30 days or so without buying one of mine they go to a list with affiliate offers and some PLR.
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    You could create your own PLR store with WordPress and eCommerce plugins. You could approach one of the many existing PLR stores and received products you can rebrand.

    You have loads of options. You can always use freebies to get subscribers. Best of luck!
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      But to do that would I have to purchase EVERY plr available on the store? Some are massive!!
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        Originally Posted by asc View Post

        But to do that would I have to purchase EVERY plr available on the store? Some are massive!!

        Check out some of the WSOs there some good PLR sellers of lots of products

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    One tip I can give you is to take the plr products and turn them into free giveaways. You can use plr to build your list and then promote affiliate offers via email marketing.

    By giving away the plr product for free, you will be providing value to your subscribers and then you can promote relevant affiliate offers after a day or two of giving away free value in the form of plr products. Make sure to check the plr before you give it away to make sure it is good quality.

    I've personally went through a decent amount of plr and the majority was extremely generic and not actionable. Most times I will take plr and rewrite/re-create it from scratch, to ensure that his value for my subscribers.
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