Does adding a video of yourself to a screencast make a big impact?

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When I see a screencast with the person I feel a lot more connected compared to just seeing a screen. Just curious if others feel the same or have even gotten feedback on their videos by testing this. My current setup is not ideal for a personal webcam splice-in but I could change that if there's a good case to do so.
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    You are absolutely the right. Researchers agree, and all of the studies show, that there is a much higher chance of connecting, building rapport, establishing credibility and ultimately influencing your audience by having the face to face interaction involved in any encounter. What is super awesome about screen cast is that it allows you to record your screen providing social proof and giving that "live over the shoulder" type feel, yet at the same time, that added ability to share your face at the same time provides a much more valuable user experience. Consider this as well, in the behavioral research labs, they have shown that percentages are virtually staggering in favor towards video that have the actual person in the video, whether it is face to face or just a clip in the corner of the comparison to videos that only shows the screen,. The brain has natural defense mechanisms that cause even more unnecessary barriers or skepticism to arise. The best way to handle objections or prevent any frustration is to just take care of everything in the the beginning and handling it before the end...In this case create a video that shares the webinar/slideshow/power point or whatever it is, yet at the same time having your actiual face in the video as well.
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    I do a lot of picture-in-picture stuff and the feedback has been really good.

    Camtasia lets you do it really easy.
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    Hi Delta223,

    Yes I do feel it has a bigger impact when I show my face...

    I recently did a video with camtasia (and showing my face in one corner of the screen) and the last part I recorded myself on the phone and merged it all together.

    That video in particular received much more attentions, people adding me on FB + some well received commissions.

    So if you ask me, yes, show your face

    Warm regards,
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    Bingo! Most definitely. My Facebook Live vids are starting to gain traction because friends regularly message me, telling me they feel like they got to know me through my videos. People love people, or, human beings, who offer them insights. Video rocks.
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    Video screencasts have been extremely effective for Intercom.And your product launches will pack a bigger punch are now so cheap, that the biggest investment is the time it takes to familiarize yourself with the software. For example, many site are doing the same thing like how easy it is to add a zoom effect to highlight a piece of your product.
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    Video does make a big difference. I created a following of people online and it does build trust and rapport a lot quicker. I get some people telling me that they feel like they 'already' know me.

    Video also builds a great deal of confidence. If you do enough video, you can become a professional speaker.

    Very powerful indeed!
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      Same thing here Rory Folks get to know me better thru my talking head videos.
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    Yeah I think so, but I think either way is still effective. People can derive your personality form hearing your voice and the inflections in it as well when you are doing straight Powerpoint.
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    What If you're hideous?
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      I generate more views when I cover my face. Surgical mask last week, maybe a paper bag soon a'la Jets fans.
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      You look Southwesterly while taping yourself and you're good to go. You could also throw some salt over your left shoulder and across your pooch. Don't have to be a real pooch, one on a random TV show will do just fine.

      Originally Posted by yukon View Post

      What If you're hideous?
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    yes its increases your credibility and increase your reputation
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    Videos open the door to more judgment. We can't help
    ourselves. After thinking about some videos I've come
    across, some people were just way too painful to watch.
    I was so distracted by them fumbling around, repeating
    themselves, one guy was even sweating bullets and it
    was difficult to pay attention to anything he was saying.
    Their video made a big impact but not in a good way.

    Of course, if you got yourself together and you're confident,
    excited about what you're doing and you genuinely want to
    help people, then that will come across in the video and it
    can make a positive impact.
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    This is proven. People trust you more and think you're more "human" when they see your face, mannerisms, and personality. Keep doing it!
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