I need some advice on monetization options for my new website.

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Hello, I am currently launching a new LoA website.

I have written a number of articles and made corresponding videos with slideshows.

I uploaded my videos to youtube last night and have already had 41 unique visitors. Im not sure how legit these visitors were as I only had 2 video views so far.

I am currently an ebay affeliate, and I plan to use this connection to sell books that I mention in my articles.

I have decided to go the route of in text links leading directly to the search results for the referenced books.

That brings me to my first question:

How many of these ebay affeliate book links should I allow per page?

I have read a lot of books in my niche and have articles well over 2000 words. I tend to mention 2-3 sources of information per page. Should I have an in text link to all 3 books or should I limit myself to only 1 or 2 such links per page?

Also do you think I should stick to selling on ebay, or should i try for the Itunes affeliate program? Amazon is not an option until I can afford a house in a new state.

As I have said I am hosting my videos on youtube and have split them up into about 4 parts each with each video lasting 5 minutes.

I was thinking about providing a premium download for the videos through my wordpress site using woocommerce, but I will need a video hosting platform to provide the downloads. I was thinking of charging maybe 99 cents per video.

Do you know of any (possibly free) video hosting services compatible with wordpress and woo commerce? I need it to be capable of providing downloads.

I would like to offer some audio downloads with guided meditations and such as well. So preferably any hosting service should include audio support.

I am considering selling some of the videos and audios on amazon. Any thoughts on that idea? What about Itunes store?

I was thinking of doing some affeliate reviews of a few products in my niche, but I am only willing to recommend high quality and relevant products.

I am primarily considering premium training courses relevant to my niche. I may look into manifestation miracle and see if their product is any good.

I want to avoid banner ads.

Thanks for any help!
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    Some Magnetization options for new website are Affiliate Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, Sell Ad Space and many more just like these all.
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    I'd scrap the affiliate eBooks. Write your own and self-published on Amazon for 2 to 5 bucks. 6000 to 10000 words. My wife earns nice steady income monthly through her Amazon eBooks and she is a fellow LOA blogger, like yourself.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      Thats probably a good Idea. Ive been making videos, and I think that I could sell them. Maybe I could package some of my articles together into an ebook with added content or something.

      Ive already got a series over 6000 words and It will be about 10,000- 13000 by the time I finish.

      Do you think that I should release it as is or add some additional content for amazon?
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      I'd second this. If you want to start by including affiliate links, go for it. But, ultimately you'll get more money if you can create your own books to sell.

      If you build it well, you can then funnel that traffic for a bigger product launch; i.e. a video course, group training, or perhaps coaching of some sort of it fits you.

      And, if you do go for affiliates, look more towards affiliates that are selling higher ticket items where you can get a more substantial income.
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    Whether you decide to sell other people's books or your own, I would make a video around the idea from one of those books.

    Then give your viewers a call to action after you have given them some value from your video...tell them to click on the link to your blog post (and the benefits of doing so).

    Then gear that one post around that one book with one link.

    Personally, I would be collecting leads and building a list.
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    Oops, sorry about the Amazon suggestion. Just sell eBooks on Selz then, or on other platforms.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      Actually I believe that I can sell on amazon, just not affiliate with amazon. I will probably offer the books/videos through a few websites including amazon and my own.

      Maybe I will drop the ebay affiliate links for now and focus on some premium affiliate options.

      Im prelaunch at the moment, but I intend to do list building and emails. List-building is on my list of things to build into my site.

      Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
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        Heres a question I am currently faced with:

        Shoudl I try to sell the content that I release for free on my blog, should I produce exclusive content, or both?

        Im currently thinking of taking my articles and videos that are free, and combining relevant ones into a ebook/ full length video course. (about 5-6 articles or 100-120 min video)

        I could alternatively create a new exclusive course (of similar length) and market that. Then I could use my free material to draw attention to the paid stuff.

        Thanks for all the help.
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