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There is a lot of do's and don'ts. And do's and don'ts don't work for everybody. You can't just tell people to eat broccoli, take pills, work out 2 Hrs a day to reach their desired result.

You have to find a mentor that will tell you what to do, and what he done. There is no wrong way of marketing. There are rules to market online.

You can't just post links everywhere hoping they're going to stick. Your online business should be treated like you just opened a 80K local business. Don't treat it like you just put up a stand in the middle of a block and start screaming.

Online business is a business. What would you do if you opened a local business. Where would you start, what would you do, what would you do to make it successful. Same applies online.

There is specific things you have to do, learn, apply to succeed. Before you even build the infrastructure, you have to figure out how you're going to do it. Don't just go to the gym and start throwing weights around, hoping to be build in 1 day.

Work on it. Plant your seeds in your mind, cultivate it as you do, scale it when you get momentum.
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