Which is the best online earning marketplace?

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Which one the best online earning marketplace, a. upwork, b. fiverr, c. freelancer, d. peopleperhour? Please, can you describe why? Advance thanks.
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    There are many "earning marketplace" on the internet....

    Affiliate network, freelancer sites, Shopify....

    You can usr similarweb to track the traffic from each site
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      I think the fiverr is best for freelancer
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      Originally Posted by T S Chan View Post

      Buying & selling toys on eBay
      Good to see a highly simplistic, yet effective method of Internet Marketing suggested.
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        The truth is , you can not put a single market place is best. There are many market place and all have its own importance...
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    The best online market place according to me is freelancer. Because it is good platform for online projects. We can bid here and can get clients and projects.
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      Thank you so much for your answer
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    Freelancing is the best way,
    If you have writing skill try freelancer.com OR if you have physical product try ebay.
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    There are many "Earning Market Place on Internet"
    But according to me the best online earning place is Fiver and Up-work.
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      I'm totally agree with you. Thanks
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    there are too many good marketplace. but if you can ask me then I say lynda, udemy, skillshare this 3 is best to me.
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      I'm confuse for your answer!
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    It depends upon everyone personal interest. You can earn by blogging, Freelance work.
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    digitalpoint, elance, craigslist also online earning marketplace
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        Originally Posted by 5ervant View Post

        Elance? Are you serious?
        Please update your system.
        he he LOL. I know right.

        I remember the good old days it was very hard to find outsourcer sites.

        Then in 2008, every product that came out was about outsourcing, so now a days, UPWORK [elance 2.0] and freelancer and all these sites make it very easy to find really good people to work for you for very good prices.

        I think TIM FERRIS [who called bitcoin at $20 and was laughed at] said the best way to grow your business really fast is to LEVERAGE your TIME and effort and these sites, are awesome for that.

        I have a virtual assistant that can do pretty much everything I do when I am gone on holiday, so its like I am not really gone at all, and still making money.

        I train them by camtasia too, so even if I am not at the computer I ask them to watch the video 5 times to make sure they know what to do.

        IN my own way, VIDEOS are great, because you can talk to them slow and show them the steps. Text is good, but VIDEO they can see what they should be doing on their screen, so that is a very good way to train your outsourcees.
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    You are the earner, Ajom. So, in the prosperity consciousness of your mind, that's the best market place.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      Yes, you saying the real!
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    I would say freelancer & fiverr.
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      freelancer & fiverr, my best choose, Thanks a lot
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    Which one the best online earning marketplace?


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    UpWork you need to be qualified. People don't hire just anyone. Plus, you can make more money from it.

    Fiverr a lot more newbie friendly. But, you'll earn a lot less.
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      Thanks, you are tell the real facts. I'm currently working these marketplace.
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    i disagree with the question.

    I use all these, and they are all good. You might have to compete more on UPWORK but.

    that takes time.

    upwork, has some good people there. But I have found killer outsource workers on all of these.

    LEVERAGE is key if you want to do well online. So peple are always after quality work, provide that and you will rake it in. People pay on there, what they think your worth.
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    There is no 'best' online marketplace. We are all unique and have different talents, skills and personalities.

    You need to look at yourself and find places online that resonate with you and your beliefs.
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    One Freelancer use many Freelancing Market Place. Such as I have been using the Upwork, Fiverr for a long time. But I earned many money from the Upword ( Odesk & Elance merged). Of course I have pass many times to this site also. So many freelancer may choose many sites. Thanks
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    UpWork is best but day by day it's so hard and competitive.
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    What you describe yourself are places for freelancers who promote services for others .But earning online its more vast like freelancing ,seo affiliate marketing adsense ,cpa etc .Your friend google will give you all information if you seqarch .Myself i make some money with clickbank .Its and affiliate network by the way
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    From my past experience....

    a. Upwork: Upwork is best for long time clients.
    b. Fiverr: Fiverr is good for small type of work or one time work. Specially graphics design, SEO etc work.
    c. Freelancer: Freelancer is similar to upwork. But here contest option is good for new freelancers !
    d. Peopleperhour: people per hour is same as fiverr. But fiverr is better then peopleperhour.

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    I think Fiverr is the best, The potential on Fiverr is insane and they actively buys advertisements on Google Adword for keywords that are often searched when people are looking to pay to outsource some content.In fact, Fiverr is actively getting traffic everyday for you so you can get more sales as well as make more money!
    Thanks so much
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    Fiverr is getting more visitors than Upwork now. So definitely a place where you want to be.

    I have just started on Fiverr last week and created 4 gigs so far. Got some impressions and clicks but no work yet. It can take time, I am not concerned. I am surprised that some of my gigs already got 20 impressions and 4/5 clicks when my profile on Upwork gets 8 views on a weekly basis!

    I get all my work from Upwork though. It's good if you have the skills and looking for monthly projects. Most of the contracts I got were super interesting. I learned so much, you can't even imagine. The hardest part is to make them repeat clients. That usually takes a good amount of time. Took me about a year to get repeat clients that wanted to hire me again on Upwork. You'll see that lots of clients prefer to pay you directly on Paypal if they want to hire you again. It's totally against Upwork's rules btw but some clients prefer to do that. Pretty sure lots of people do that which means that getting a "long term contract" percentage is extremely hard.

    I also find that some clients are not committed to the contract. They are very responsive the first 2 weeks and then you don't hear back from them. I am not sure if that's because they don't really care or if they are so busy that it's impossible for them to follow up with their Upwork contractors. You'll also see that getting a client to end a contract can be extremely challenging and you will have to do it yourself at some point or your JSS will be impacted. Your JSS may be impacted by ending a contract yourself btw.... never had any troubles with it but something to consider if you get more "no reviews" ratings than actual ratings.

    Fiverr doesn't work the same way. If you don't have repeat clients that's totally fine and won't impact your score. Upwork changed the rules about a year ago.
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