The Only Formula For Success

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What a ride has it been, to get where I'm at today... Let me save you years of headaches, heartaches and visiting the financial slums that I have experienced. This post is inspired by a smart group of moms' that came to my seminar recently. Thank you!! You've kept me on my toes

I'll try to make this as simple as possible.

We've all been there, searching for ways to make money online - strategies and magical methods that would rescue us from where we were; taking us from 0 to 100 in no time flat. Right?

So, here's what I've figured out after making over $100,000 every single year for the past 5 years. Giving 72 seminars and consulting with a little over 350 businesses.

Listen very, very carefully...

1. Branding yourself is BY FAR the greatest thing you can do as a business owner. Especially in the world of online marketing, so, pick a niche and spend the next 3 months BURYING yourself in knowledge. Not selling, not promoting, not running ads, not looking at other niches, not even whistling... Ok, you can whistle (a little) but your job is learning. Books, audio, videos, pdf's. This niche is now YOUR life. Mr or Ms Value is your new name. Nothing else matters during this stage.

2. Pick a product if you don't have one yourself. Your product needs to be valuable and directly related to the people in your nice. Listen, I don't care what people online or offline tell you, forget the reviews, forget the hype. The only thing that matters is this VGEP..

- Valuable Product
- Great Commission
- Easy To Sell
- Presentable Sales Page

I promote something most people hate to promote online but the customers LOVE it, so VALUE trumps all. We're dealing with people with families so think about them.

These are the parameters to a great product that converts. I know some may tell you to look at gravity and cpc, ctr, epc and UFO and these are all great metrics that speak volumes about the product but when you brand yourself you already understand that people will be buying based on YOU. The product that you're promoting is an extension of how you present it.

You didn't get into the world of internet marketing to be a salesman that chases people to get a commission. I'd blindly buy something from my favorite marketer. Why? Because I think he's great and I know he wouldn't steer me wrong if it's a product for my niche.

How people perceive you means everything and perception is REALITY. So, the product that you promote is more about the certainty you build inside of those who are looking in at it. If a person is interested in what you're selling and backs away then, it's simply because you have yet to embed enough certainty into them that makes them believe in themselves.

3. You need to always have multiple streams of income BUT only once you have one stream going first.

4. Promote... You need to be every where possible, Youtube, pdf's, social media etc. Learn whatever you can about promotion and deliver a very clear message each time. Easy for people to understand. Those who follow you will buy your content and what you promote.

How do I know?

I promoted my first product and made a little over $37,000 and guess what? I'm no one in the online world. Look at my last posts on here, I do this type of thing everywhere even on Quora, why? Because my job is to be as valuable as possible and this helps me to brand myself as an Authority in some manner.

VAPP as I coined many years ago... Value, Authority, Position, Profit. Profit - Money is the least common denominator of success. Focus on refining your ability to give value to the MASSES. MASSES not just a small amounts, the more you can reach, the more you can teach, the more you can make.

I hope this general overview helps...

Warm Regards,
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    Daniel, good advice. As far as promoting I discovered that promoting a ton of successful folks in my niche is the quickest way to promote myself. Many of those bloggers befriend me, promote me, and expand my presence far and wide. Success build friend networks to make their lives easier.
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      Thank you Ryan and you're right, networking with the right people is surely a strong currency in our social media age.

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    hey daniel,
    such an informative and motivational post
    keep it up for the good work
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    Thst right ,many of us we concentrate only one selling and not delivering value .If we would do that people woul but 10 times faster from us ,people hate when they see that you only try to sell them
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    Thanks Daniel. I particularly like the part where you say people will be buying based on YOU. And the Product is an extension of YOU.


    - Robert Andrew
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    That is a very informative and well-written article!
    I also believe that personal branding is by far the fastest way to build authority in your niche.

    Learn Online Marketing with this free email course !

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