Opinion on offering discounts on 1st hour of online coaching

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I'm new to online consulting, and I'm considering offering a promotion on leadership boundaries coaching, and could use some input.

I thought of you when thinking of like-minded people that like to help many people.

Two questions:

1.) Do you think it's beneficial to offer a discount on coaching services?
2.) Any suggestions on how it could be better?

Thank you for all of the help you've provided me.

Be well!

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    Asses the energy where this discount is coming from Michael. Is it to drum up business because things have been slow? Or is it because you are new and feel you need to charge less, to sign up clients? Feel your intuition on it; you'll know whether the move comes from fear, or more from fun and love.

    I personally don't do discounts or anything like that; posturing deal, which helps me make more money and attract serious, driven, good match clients.
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      Good stuff, Ryan. Thanks for the feedback!
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    We've done specials on our private coaching services from time to time, and it has always resulted in increased income. Ours are monthly recurring packages, however. When we run a promotion, we offer a discount on the first month. Most people stick around for more than a month, so it pays off in the long run for us.

    It's like anything in business. You give it a try and see what happens. If revenue goes down, you scratch that idea off the list.
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      Great comments, Dave! I appreciate the guidance!
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    What you can do is use a webinar funnel. You promote your webinar and get sign ups. In the webinar, you give them lots of valuable information then offer a free strategy call for those who qualify and in the strategy call you close the sale.
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      This will be next on the rollout. Thanks for the feedback!
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    Great feedback, friends. I appreciate each of you taking the time to offer your advice, which I will definitely keep in mind with future rollouts. Be well, and if you know anyone that's struggling with boundaries in their work or home lives, send them to my site, and I'll be happy to point people to your respective sites as well.
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