Affiliate Marketers & Product Owners: How To Make USD1 Million A Year!

by kelvin yeo 3 replies
Not to oversimplify things but here's one possible formula --

Sell 100 units a day of an affiliate product that gives you $30 a sale (or 100 of your own product at $30 each). Here's the math --

100 units X $30 X 30 days a month X 12 months = $1,080,000 VOILA!

For affiliate marketers, to break it down further, if you can build sites that can make 3 to 4 sales a day (ie average 3.5 a day) then you just need 30 sites.

Can you build 30 sites in the next one year? Just build one a week and use the other 20 weeks to do whatever your method requires to drive traffic.

Is this plan too simplistic? Or highly possible?

(PS: Just realized that my current signature is helping me shoot myself in the foot in relation to this thread! Ah well... )
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    Making a million a year online? Definitely doable. Your plan? Highly oversimplified.

    Your model assumes you'll get enough free traffic to generate 100 sales a day. That's basically impossible unless you develop some kind of viral "resource" site that constantly attracts a ton of free traffic.

    Also, generally speaking, it's MUCH easier to make $1,000,000 with just 1-3 big sites vs. 30 small sites. Trust me on this ...
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    The main issue isn't whether you can build 30-40 sites - the issue is getting targeted traffic to all of those sites. The starting point would be to get enough traffic on ONE aff site to generate 3-4 sales per day, which is a lot of work. That's just one site. Now imagine 40. Yeah, that's a LOT of work my man.
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    That's a goal.. not a plan.

    Building sites doesn't make you money. The site is
    only the tool used for making money.

    Now show us the details of the plan that will attract
    enough qualified traffic to make those 3.5 sales each day.

    If you knew what I know you'd be doing what I do...
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