How often should I promote products?

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Hi warriors,

to promote affiliate products or own info digital products- how often should I promote to the list?

I mean the income should be stable as possible. Should I promote 4 times a year a new product?
Or 3 times in a year?

Or every month a new info product.....
Which is best method to make online income stable?

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    I think your question is how often should you sell to your list?

    Some email marketers sell daily.

    Some sell only once every week.

    And others only sell once per month.

    It all depends on the size of your list but especially how much value you give in each email.

    Pitching your product every single day to your list can turn many of your leads off.

    But I have seen some marketers who give value on a daily basis who also sell on a daily basis do quite well.

    On the flip side to this...

    I have also noticed that some people / leads will get turned off if all you do is give value but never sell anything.

    Most people online (that don't have a freebie mentality) like to run with guys and girls who make money.

    It's almost like if you encounter an attractive woman (who's attracted to) and you never flirt with her or ask her out.

    She will most likely silently start to dislike you.

    In the end, just go with your own gut.

    Go with your feelings.

    If it feels right to sell every day then do that.

    And if it doesn't then do that.
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    Hi Rory Singh,

    yes every business will be different.

    Most marketers say a list with 5000 subs (an example) will make around $5000/ in month. So that list will make me $5000 every month when I promote new products every month?

    To sell own info products in an higher price range like $100-200 and more, how often promote such info products in that price range to have an stable income stream through the year?

    I have read a resume of the product launch roadmap, my head does go swindle , I got dizzy with all that graphics.....I not see clear, it is way to complicated I not understand this.

    So, should I promote any info product over the time of three months and then after, promote another new info product again for three months?

    Or does one info product will sell every month through the year?

    Which is most the best way successful marketers to product promote?

    I hope the warriors understand me.....

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    Depends on the size of the list ! what i mean is you have treat them like gold dont just flog something to a list to make money not the right attitude

    You need to nurture the list first so they trust you , I have a small list that is 85% sales but I have a very unique niche so no competition

    I would try A/B test half gets an email a day and the other one a week and see what the results are if get a lot of unsubs you will know what works

    If you have 5000 on a list not all will buy more like 10% if it is a good product , so if you have
    500 x $25 product = $25000 not bad if this is the case
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    If you want to see a good example of an expert marketer in action, get on Bob Bly's email list. I get stuff from him almost every other day.

    However, he is a writing maniac.

    Google him sometime - the man is a machine. When he sends out an email, it is a full blown 600+ word article . Almost every other email has an offer to a product that he is promoting. Because he writes so much in these emails and offers so much value, he is able to easily convert his offers into cash.

    So, if you just send out offers, you may want to rethink your strategy. Sending out an email that says "buy my affiliate product" or whatever, will not work well. You need to be more subtle than that and offer your mailing list more value.

    I hope this helps, my friend!

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    I don't the size of the list is the most important factor here. Whether you have a list of 1000 or 100,000 pitching a product regularly to your list can be a turn off to your subscribers.
    The key is to add value to your subscribers by giving them information that beneficial to them on a regular basis to build up trust. I have been on the subscribers list of some of my IM colleagues and i had to hit the unsubscribe button due to the frequency of emails i was getting with sales pitch.
    Therefore the key is to not to spam your list and do not send emails more than once a day and of course you should send mostly emails that will add value to your subscribers.
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    Its not a fix problem you can sell daily or weekly etc .Its important the value that you give to your list .In my opinion its not good to sell everyday because people will see you as man who only want to sell and this its not good .I think twice per week its good

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    Originally Posted by marco005 View Post

    Hi warriors,

    to promote affiliate products or own info digital products- how often should I promote to the list?

    I mean the income should be stable as possible. Should I promote 4 times a year a new product?
    Or 3 times in a year?

    Or every month a new info product.....
    Which is best method to make online income stable?

    As some other have inferred it can be totally subjective. The best thing to do is test, test, test.

    One person's list may be totally different than yours. No two are alike, really.

    I look for new products all the time. And I just do not have any set guideline on when to rotate into newer ones etc..etc..

    Like I said test

    Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    I've been on a couple of lists for years and get emails every day and they promote every day and I read them every day. And I love it.

    I've been on other lists for years and get emails now and again and they promote every now and again and I read them all and I love it.

    But most lists I unsubscribe after just a few emails, whether they're daily or weekly or ad hoc.



    The lists I read relentlessly come from people who connect with me.

    No doubt these same lists I love get subscribers who don't connect and leave.

    I don't think it matters how often you broadcast to your list - once a day, twice a day, once a year - some people will love your emails and some wont.

    The key is to do what you want and be yourself and like-minded people will make a connection and stay loyal to you, and buy your products, and recommend you to others.

    I think what really matters is what you say and how you say it. If you're just sending cookie-cutter emails with none of your own personality, you're doomed to fail long term regardless of how often you email.

    Or you could just churn-n-burn new subscribers day in and day out if you can keep new leads coming in.
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    Hi people!

    Thank you so much for your tips!

    Yes I think send out an email 1-2 times ever week will be good, will not be spammy.

    And then after promote 1 times in a month a product.
    Yes I understand that.

    The quizz question is:

    Does this product who I have promoted 1 times in a month will be selling 10-12 months through the year to have an stable income?

    Or does the sales end after 3-4 months?

    So I need to promote 3-4 times in a year a new product, to have an vary stable income though the year?

    That is what I want to find out.

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    I email my list daily or a minimum of every other day. Some marketers only email their list once a week or a couple times per day.

    I believe the most important thing is to make sure you're always building your list and always focus on building a strong relationship with your list based on trust. Give your subscribers a ton of value for free and then when you send out your product promotions they will be more likely to buy because they trust you and/or your brand.
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    If you want a stable income from one list then you'll need to promote multiple products over time or keep adding lots of new subscribers continually. Both is best.

    If you have your own product then you can start out promoting your product to your subscribers.

    When someone buys your product, you move them to a new list and market complementary products to them.

    If someone doesn't buy your product then I'd keep promoting it to them every time you broadcast and occasionally add an email series now and then to promote affiliate products. But I'd stick to mostly hammering away on your own product until someone either buys, unsubscribes or stops opening your emails for a couple of months (then you might want to delete them off your list to keep your autoresponder fees down).

    As for how long to promote one product before moving on to the next one, I think it depends.

    Personally, I tend to promote most offers at least 7 times (I usually go with 10 days and I email every day).

    Sometimes I'll promote one product for longer if there are different versions (e.g. if there's a free trial and a premium product I'll promote the free trial for a few days, then switch to promoting the premium upgrade for another week or so).

    If it's a big ticket item or recurring income stream like a premium membership site, I might promote for a month or more (emailing every day).

    Because I tend to always market to more general audiences rather than tight niches I find that I can often refer back to something I've promoted in the past when I'm emailing about something else that is related. So my offers regularly perform encores.

    Mix it up and try a few things and see how it goes. You'll get a feel for what works best the longer you stick with it.

    All the best - sounds like you've got a decent strategy in the works.
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    i promote everyday, but with different materials. Also, I won't bulk same promos in the same day. I try to make the promos individually unique.
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    jimmyvanilla, - that is great!

    I think when I promote my own product (higher price range above $100)
    I will promote that month after month and then I see when the sales stopping. Then 2 months after the sales stopping, I promote a new product again, so I can see what is best method.

    The subscribers who have buy my product they come into a new list to promote other products through the year.

    The non buyers-they still sit on the old list and I try to promote my first product again for 2-3 months, than after switch to a new product.

    I feel that is best to promote 3-4 times through the year
    (intuition powers).

    Make my own product, build a brand on my name and use an different sales funnel- I think there is the magic, to be little different as the other affiliates.....
    There is the magic...............

    Successful entrepreneurs they were all be little different- than the competition- there is the magic key I feel......
    I not afraid to build an sales funnel in reverse.

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      Sorry warriors,

      I have make my new post in first place of this thread- it should be there at this place now.

      Sorry for that.

      Happy weekend
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    In the moment I test some fiverr sellers..
    Two Logo Designers (both have over 80 reviews) and both not deliver exact that what I want, I have make clear in my order that I need eps files.

    What they do? They send me jpg files.........
    What the hell is with the people today? Have they lost how to read a clear message?

    I feel little bit that the online world is the wild west.....
    That is not normal.

    You cannot build a business with people who are not clear serious.

    Now I drink a cool beer, sit still without electronics and television and hope to get new visions in mind.

    Happy weekend
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      I've bought some logo gigs on Fiverr and had some good and some bad. The thing you've got to remember with Fiverr is that they're doing something for you for only $5. You don't get any bells and whistles for that. And if you need something specific you need to contact the seller before you order and get them to agree to do it as part of the gig. Otherwise you only get what's advertised.

      One more thing, go straight to the negative reviews if you want to know if the sellers are really legit. Most sellers will have a couple of negs from losers who tried to rip them off, but if they have 1star reviews from people who seem intelligent and sensible and clearly explain the issues they had with the service, then you're probably looking at a poor experience. Most Fiverr reviews are just hit and run from people who wanted something quick and nasty and got what they paid for, then hit 5stars because they just didn't care about leaving useful feedback.

      I actually gave up worrying about logos for my websites a while ago. If I want something interesting now I just use an interesting font or color now and that's it. I figured if Facebook doesn't need a logo, neither do any of my sites.
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    Originally Posted by marco005 View Post

    Hi warriors,

    to promote affiliate products or own info digital products- how often should I promote to the list?

    I mean the income should be stable as possible. Should I promote 4 times a year a new product?
    Or 3 times in a year?

    Or every month a new info product.....
    Which is best method to make online income stable?

    How did you build your list? How close is the niche of the list to your products.

    If it's close, I'd say hit your list twice a week with valuable content and throw in an email for products everyone 2-3 weeks
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    What is the size of your list? How connected are you with your audience? Do they trust you? These are the most important factors you should be considering.
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    also send twice emails a week and in last week 1 email to promote my own product.

    And then after?

    In next month I must create a new product ???
    (who can cost few hundreds of $$)

    I think promote one product over 3-4 months.
    When I see that the sales go to zero- then create a new product (launch)

    This will be best I think.

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    There are so many ways to slice the cake.

    I've been an email marketer for a long time.

    What I like to do these days, is create valuable content that sells.

    That way, your audience won't get mad when you pitch, because the content is valuable anyway.

    Also... There are methods to "hide" your pitch to those who are generally disinterested. (Think webinars, and delayed call to action buttons).


    When you ask, how often should you mail...

    A better question is, how often do you have something cool to share?
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    This depends on a number of factors to be honest. How big is your list and how well are you connected with your list? Does your list trust you? These types of factors.

    I think it's safe to say though that you could promote a single product more than 4 times a year.
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