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After reading a few posts/ebooks/etc on how to generate offline biz clientele there is one thing that keeps coming up and I'm clueless.


I go visit a book store who has a website with no autoresponder
They jump willingly at the chance to take advantage of my offer

Ok so that's it - here's where I'm confused. Obviously I want them to signup with my affiliate link and such but where and when exactly do I do this? At the moment they agree get them to signup on the spot by entering all their information at that time? What if they say ok set it up - am I supposed to take their credit card information and do it myself? If they do signup on the spot do I then state I'll be in touch when I get the html figured out?

I can't seem to wrap my head around this minut detail of how I get them from saying yes to me actually then sending them the html form ready for them to upload.

Would someone be so kind as to offer some advice. Thanks!

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    Is there some way to could set this up to be automatically generated from your website? Then all you need to do is give them a URL (with embeded affiliate links) to collect their code.
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      Originally Posted by mpruben View Post

      Is there some way to could set this up to be automatically generated from your website? Then all you need to do is give them a URL (with embeded affiliate links) to collect their code.
      I'm sorry but I have no idea what you just said. Can you dumb it down for me a bit? :confused:
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        Originally Posted by Teresa Coppes View Post

        I'm sorry but I have no idea what you just said. Can you dumb it down for me a bit? :confused:

        I think what he is saying is you have a page on your site that auto-redirects to your affiliate link so you get credit for it (and its also good for building up your branding!)
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    What you want out of this potential client is to be paid for setting up the autoresponder and training them to use the autoresponder.

    You need to figure out what you want for this setup, we charge $150 because it takes about an hour of our time.

    Very rarely will you ever get someone to say, do it right now, but if you do tell them the recurring costs for the software and sign them up through your very own affiliate link.


    What you should do is offer the service, explain the benefits to the potential client, then go over the benefits again, show the potential some samples of how an autoresponder works, show them the backend and how easy it is to set it up, keep this all under 20 minutes, place a price tag on the whole setup with a small agreement that states I will be delivering the following in exchange for $XXX, tell them to think about it, and you will follow up with them in a few days.

    It is good to seem busy.

    Sometimes this will make them just sign a check there and then to save you the grief of following up.

    On the Follow Up

    Ask if they would like to continue as planned, say the process will take X amount of business days and that you start work after payment.

    On the way to the Bank

    Smile, note you probably undersold yourself, but you did well, now figure out how to lower costs, create automation, and outsource the process.
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    I'm sorry I wasn't a bit more clear. I call a business and say "hey I can help you with your website blah blah blah" Go talk to them about setting up an autoresponder.

    At this point I am in their office discussing getting started working together. And here is where I get confused. They say yes, sign me up. I want them to ofcourse signup under my affiliate link. Do we do all this in the same setting - right there, right now. Then I say, ok now that you've signed up let me get back to you within x amount of days with your new programming code to install (like once the check clears! )

    Obviously there's other ways to continue my service such as actually sending out their newsletter/email etc but right now I just want to focus on getting them setup. Do I just have them signup right on the spot putting in their credit card information? Say great, I'll send you an email to sign up and once that's complete let me know?

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      Aweber has a way to completely private label the service (not just an affiliate link). Perhaps you can ask Aweber the best way to handle this situation.

      Web hosts offer reseller plans that deal with this situation, I believe.

      I haven't done this, but you could prepare a web page or PDF with all of your affiliate links (web host, autoresponder) and hand it to the client. Say, "I don't want to take your credit card information, so please sign up for these services. Once you do, let us know and we can get started."
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    If you're just concerned about the link thing - Aweber lets you setup your own subdomain on their site. It is as simple as putting the name you want in a box on your affiliate page.

    I chose 'smartfusion' for mine because that is the name of my business. You can do the same with yours, so that you're not punching in some horrendously complicated URL. So in your example, you could send people to and they'd get to sign up. You could do it with them there if you wanted. Tell them by using your code they get a 30 days for $1 trial offer.

    Personally I've put some of my clients right into my own account - Aweber allows you unlimited lists. Then I mark up the price that I charge them fairly substantially over Aweber. $50 a month from them covers my account costs and a whole lot more =).
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