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I've just started out with writing articles and also made some sales from it.

But to be honest I haven't been monitoring from where these sells where coming from.

Some of the articles has been ranking quite well in the search engines, but I've also revieved traffic from Ezinearticles and from articles that has been published by ezine owners.

Is it possible to make sales directly from Ezinearticles, or do you have to rank well in the search engines to make sales?

For example the first page of Google or Yahoo?

What's your experience?
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    You really need to know what is working. With this info you can focus your attention in the right direction. Otherwise you are just throwing mud at a wall and hoping some sticks.

    You cannot make sales from the EA page. Your articles will point to your sales site or Website.

    To improve your ranking you need icoming links from EA and other high ranking sites. This is only one way however
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    If you articles are interesting, people might click on your link. Seems that you have some good articles there. They bring in highly converting traffic, so it's very reasonable that a good article bring in good sales.
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      I'm never sure what is considered a good clickthrough rate, from article to your site...but i know i need to do a lot of work on my author's bios!!

      But i have recently read a thread, by Shane i believe (sorry can't remember last name, sorry!)..who had written 21 articles for a client towards the latter end of 2008 and he showed that those 21 articles had in excess of 30,000 views and over 12,000 clickthroughs to his main site!

      So just from 21 articles (which many people will write Every single week), he has had 12,000 visits to a website...

      So that tells me that his articles are ranking well for their keywords, many have been picked up by authority sites in his niche and he has a killer author's bio and i guess that is what we all want from our article writing experience!
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    Hi HenrikC,

    I think what you are saying is you are getting people reading your article who are already on the eZine website ... this means that you must have quite good titles that draw the readers in ...

    Now you just need to build some backlinks to your articles to get them showing higher in Google's rankings

    And as said above, find those killer keywords
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