Short checklist for your IM venture.

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So, you want to do some IM?

What is your PRODUCT? (or service)
Who is your PROSPECT?
WHERE will the two intersect?

Most of the time, they meet at your PROMOTION. Or ad/offer. HOW do they find it?

IF they want it, how do they pay for it? How is it sent/shipped or downloaded?

Once they buy, what additional offers do you make?
Do you use an autoresponder to stay in touch?
Do you know what the lifetime value of your customer is?

So, you need something to sell, a place to sell it, and a way to take money and then deliver your goods or services.

Simple and easy checklist. NOW for some details and sticking points.

What you sell.
A) People need to be persuaded to buy it. (Like a WSO)
B) No persuasion needed like toilet paper.

If A- then you need to have a persuasive promotion which appeals to their emotions and reasons for wanting what you have. BEFORE they buy, they are ________ but AFTER they buy from you... ________________.

If B. You need to put your product on the right shelf in the right aisle. Don't sell baby food to a Facebook group of surfer dudes, eh? .

So an all natural baby food might appeal to mothers who are health conscious and are more likely to hang out at Facebook groups for _________ (you decide)

If you don't yet have a product or service, you probably should first look around your home/life and pick a product you use or from a group you belong to. If you golf, maybe pick a golf product.

If you garden (the largest hobby in the world) maybe pick a garden product, and your product could be someone else and you are an affiliate.

This is often the fastest way to enter IM, BUT, the problem is you still need to find eyeballs (fresh) to land on the PROMOTION.

So, TRAFFIC becomes important and a tracking of your promotion's conversion rate, and you test and tweak the promotion.

IF interested in making the BIG money, you need CONTROL of a product, a promotion and the sales funnel or process.

You can CREATE a product, like a report, course, video, software, app, OR you can acquire a product (which is what you do as an affiliate).

Well this is a basic primer, a checklist for your GO point, and feel free to comment or ask questions, I'm sure the group will give you some pretty, pretty, pretty good answers.


PS. Do you have a PROCESS you want to share?
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