I'm launching a B2B SaaS site, have a couple questions about marketing it (the right way)

by emilsb
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Hi everyone,

I'm launching a B2B SaaS product (stock inventory-centered) in about 30 days. Couple marketing questions, and details below:

1. We are getting a lot of signup requests from India, Pakistan, Arabic countries (it's a freemium-ish product BTW). For those with experience with such users, is it worth it to allow them in? Would users from such small income countries ever buy something(especially India)? Or should we stick to Western countries only?

2. Alternate monetizing: Would selling advertising from such user's views ever worth something? Side note for now we are considering using Like & Share instead, each 30 days, so we get more traction for free - maybe a better approach than selling ads)

3. Traffic sources: Any traffic/lead sources suggestions, suitable for our product, apart from SEO (takes too long)? Like free/direct, ppc/CPA, any other suggestion for such B2B leads.

Notes: The website is https://inventorybill.com if it makes any difference. It is not open yet, so you can't sign up, but you can see the faq, pricing and Help where it's better described. Our users are small businesses all over the world. We're getting some small initial traction (few signup requests) but looking to do better.

I will appreciate any advice and insight on this matter. Thank you!
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    Originally Posted by emilsb View Post

    3. Traffic sources: Any traffic/lead sources suggestions, suitable for our product, apart from SEO (takes too long)? Like free/direct, ppc/CPA, any other suggestion for such B2B leads.
    Get you site listed on GetApp and Capterra
    List Business Software at Capterra
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      Nice idea, although it is probably difficult to stand out from the hundreds of apps listed there.

      Funny thing, I knew about them but didn't consider listing there. Thanks!
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  • Are you absolutely sure that a country with 1.6 billion+ people, more than 100 billionaires, countless millionaires, youngest population, and the largest "english speaking" country in the world -- along with thousands of freelancers, bloggers, agencies, and businesses -- can't afford to sign up for "free", "15 Euros/per month" and "47.99 Euros/per month" ?
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      Good question! No, I am not absolutely sure... Otherwise I wouldn't be asking the question in the first place. However, so far, it's difficult to decide in our freemium case. There are major pros and cons, and below I'm going to mention some of them.

      My gut instinct tells me that this would be an amazing market for us. They can benefit from our free tier and they could be also great to promote our product, even if they don't sign up for a paid product. And some will indeed. Plus, they are really interested in our product.

      Besides, one of our goals is to empower small businesses over the world, specifically those who can't pay. This is our vision. We believe this is not just a worthy goal, but also it might be a benefit for us in the longer term.

      But it's a difficult to accomplish task. We have to pay for servers, team and everything else. And ours is a VERY demanding application. Costs are not small by all means.

      On the other hand, the few Indians I've personally discussed with, all said that it would be very difficult to sell anything to such users, quoting "they are cheap and would go to great lengths to avoid paying". Of course, it has to be taken with a grain of salt as not everyone is poor. It's just the social disparities here, question is, how big is this wealth spread.

      Obviously there are lots of rich users in these countries. The problem is that below a certain percentage of paid vs free users, the free tier cannot be supported by the paid tier. This ratio is what we're afraid of. We don't know whether we are getting into something we can't handle, like having a too large free tier that can't be supported from the paid tier.

      It's not decided yet.
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