How to Get Incredible PR for Kickstarter Campaign?

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Hey guys,
I have innovative product that I want to launch on the kickstarter.

I read that first 3 days really important on the kickstarter.

The big issue is that I do not have big enough network of friends who can back my product, so was wondering what are the ways to get incredible PR without relying on your social network too much.

I was thinking about doing 3 PR web press releases once the campaign launches 1 / per day. Would appreciate if you could post some other effective ways to generate buzz / pr.

Also I read that it's effective strategy to gather emails via landing page and promote your kickstarter product on facebook before the launch. Who knows what might be the cost to capture an email?

Kickstarter product going to be in the technology section. I am planning to ask for 10 000$ and create a campaign for 30 days.

Would appreciate any advice.
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      Hey softprodigy, yes the campaign will be launched in the USA - what do you have in mind when you say US based email data?
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    You need to be looking for other people that already have traffic.


    It's easier to find one person with 10,000 unique/relevant traffic than it is to find 10,000 individual people.

    The ideal traffic would be people that have already participated with Kickstarter, other folks relevant campaign traffic. This way the traffic is already familiar with how Kickstarter works and likely to buy.
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      And how would you find those people and influencers. My niche of the product is smart lock - would appreciate if you could point to the right direction.
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