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by G Leg
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Hi. I had such good luck last time I thought I would come here and ask again.

I needed to move my server (and clients) to a new host. WiredTree was recommended for one.
After researching I went with them and was very happy. Then they were bought out and the new host service is lacking in service so I'm looking again.

VPS is what I need with good fast service.

Thanks in advance.
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  • Profile picture of the author skygoeslive support is amazing and they helped me figure how to setup the cloud game servers. fast fast
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    stay away from godaddy, they screwed me over....

    just saying....

    There are better services if your after a VPS these days. But im not the person to ask.

    Do a search on the forum using the :"seach button" i just found a whole days worth of reading on this subject :-0 * VPS *
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    For best VPS option you can go with Liquidweb. Top notch customer support and excellent network up-time.
    WebInfopond- Blogging, Technology, and Digital Marketing
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    You can go for bluehost and hostgator as your hosting options. They have big repo , 24*7 support and 99.9% uptime
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    I know how difficult it is to find a good host Leg, and there's usually compromises to be made.

    I'm forever trying new hosts because the number of websites I start is always increasing, and some of them end up being fairly high traffic.

    Because I review them online (easy content for blogs) the vast majority of what's out there is terrible unless you have a low traffic site that doesn't need many resources - even if you're using a VPS.

    Here are the ones that I've tried so far this year - all were VPS.

    A2 Hosting: Good for low traffic websites - once a website starts to approach around 10,000 visitors a day they can't handle it (and that's a VPS with 4gb RAM). Great customer support though. I host some of my lower traffic sites with these guys.

    InMotion Hosting: Simular problem, and terrible support who are great at talking, but not doing.

    OVH Hosting: Fast servers but the worst customer support I've ever experienced from a host.

    1&1 Hosting: Absolutely appalling. Avoid, avoid, avoid. Servers can only handle the most basic of websites and the support is just marginally better than OVH.

    EUKHost: Good for low-mid traffic websites that don't need much in the way of resources. Support is ok.

    Crocweb: These guys can handle all the traffic I can throw at them. I literally bombard their servers with millions of hits a month and they don't blink. Customer support is good too.
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  • Profile picture of the author talking and are worthwhile.
    Their VPS dals are reliable and low cost.
    Support is helpful around the clock.
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