How To Really Make Money Online 2017 (Cardo Currenssy Rant)

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First off,

You have to "GET STARTED" and "NEVER QUIT"...

99.9% of the people on the forum understands how money is made. You definitely have to sell something right? Could be your product or the product could be own by someone else.
Money is gained or loss during an transaction. This is all basic information but it's funny as shit (excuse my language) to see how people by pass this simple logic. Anyways I had to let that cat out of the bag.

Now that you understand that you have to sell something to gain $$$... Lets talk about steps.

Finding A Niche (Yes I know, everyone have told you this but I'm guessing you haven't done it yet).

You really need to understand what you want to sell... The reasoning being is because you will have to provide TONS of VALUE on the subject. You need a way to attract customers, since I'm pretty sure you don't want to buy advertisement at this point. The only other way to attract the right prospect is by providing GREAT VALUE in your CONTENT.

Ex. If I didn't know anything about gardening and for some odd reason I decide to get into that niche. I would buy courses and use free content plus trial and error to create my own VALUEABLE CONTENT.

Which will attract new folks who would like to learn about gardening.
I would showcase my CONTENT via youtube videos, Facebook profile, Instagram, my own personal blog etc... I need to gain my prospects trust in order for them to BUY SOMETHING from ME.

At this point... I got my CONTENT...

I found out what people really want to know about gardening. I found out the problems or issues the average gardener deals with. Now I got videos of me gardening or whatever lol... I got written content... I mean everything is lay out


Knowing my Niche needs, can be a big help creating a SALES FUNNEL.*
I don't know what hick gardening folks look for but beside that...


FREEBIE price $0 just to get them in the door
FE(front end product) price $5 - $7 could also be a physical product which could be FREE plus Shipping
I am also adding some kind of bump offer price $17 (I would like my initial cart to be around $25)

Upsell price $17-$25, I would aim for a continuity product (monthly base payment of $19.95)

Upsell #2 price $97-$197 something that has TONS of VALUE which would blow your socks off
That's my Funnel... I would like average sale around $35- $50

Front sale converting at 24%* bump offer %50 of the people who take the Front end
Upsell #1 20%
Upsell #2 20% of the people who bought Upsell #1

TRAFFIC I'm pretty sure you miss this part above but I will recover it.

FREE traffic is long but you can build a high 5 figure business with it (maybe even 6 figures)
FREE traffic sources, Facebook: groups, your profile, etc whatever is FREE, YouTube make some cool ass videos, Pinterest how every that site works.

You see where I'm going with this... Instagram, Twitter, where every you can find people whomever is interested in your niche.

Not going to cover paid traffic (just to much to cover here)

Finally... Come up with your Niche, Create your funnel, then provide valuable content to the people who are looking for answers
P.S The internet marketing space is one of the hardest niches to break into... (Too much proof needed)

P.S People are really doing this go check on YouTube...
( A Dude is selling chicken coop plans)
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    One of the toughest things for folks to get - in any eon - is that money responds to your energy around money. Money does not respond to fearful folks taking robotic steps. Said steps noted above. Took me a minute to learn this lesson; money responds to your being, not your doings. Change your being, your doings have a certain energy behind them, money flows in.

    I used to charge $25 an hour for blog consulting. Now I charge $200 an hour. Finished with a client the other day and I'm thinking, "Why in the frick did I charge $25 a few years ago?" Easy. It wasn't because I did a set number of things for a set period of time. I just embraced, felt and released my fear of scaring people off by charging "too high of a rate", and also let go the tire kickers who wanted freebies or 25 dollar consult sessions, and then since I was being that person, I developed my skills persistently, felt clear and confident in them, then folks showed up and mirrored my clarity and belief back to me, by padding my pockets as I offered useful service.

    Always an energy game. When the energy changes, so do the actions in many cases, and the results.

    Side note; I am in the market for chicken coop plans.
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      Hey Ryan,

      Great Reply back... Money flows with energy, time and consistence.
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    Excellent advice.

    2017 is not over and there is still enough time to make some big money before the year is over.

    I know everyone wants to make at least $100 a day, and the funny thing is, if you follow the advice given by the op, $100 a day is pretty much inevitable.

    We live in an age where information is in abundance. You can learn everything you need to make $100 a day 100% for free!

    However, there is nothing wrong with paying for a course which gives you step-by-step instructions on how to build a successful internet business.

    Pretty much any decent course is going to tell you to get targeted traffic to a high-converting offer.

    That is the simplest version of how to make money online. Once you focus every single day on getting targeted traffic to a high-converting offer, you will see results rather quickly. There are various products to promote, and various ways to drive traffic. You have to do your research and figure out what offer you want to promote and what traffic generation method(s) you're going to use.

    Good luck my fellow warriors!
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    I agree with Ryan.
    Your approach, your charisma is what sets you apart.
    We all know the methods, but the thing is your approach to the methods still must be unique.
    All the methods out there will not get you anything as long as you are going to put your mind to it!
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  • This 21st century easy way to earn money online is affiliate marketing,

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      Nice reply, but if you don't have the foundation for affiliate marketing then it's not so easy
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