What is the reason of 0 ROI of my website

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100 traffic visiting on my website on average perday.Bounce rate is 50% around.
But there is no conversion.I do not know why?
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    What is your niche about? What are your goals of the visitors to your website?
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      Actually there are many customers click the buy box button as we can tracked.But finally they dropped off.
      I am wondering if it is due to we are only support paypal payment.Our store do not support credit card payment.However,our main market is in USA,I am not sure the top popular payment method in USA.
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    Conversion may normally occur if the website visitors truly want the offer you are promoting to them. AsRiskTaker89 asked, what is your niche about? Then, what do your website visitors desire? Is/are the offers you are showing them adequate for their desires? If the offers are affiliate offers, do these offers actually convert (what are their EPC or earning per click in the affiliate network you use)? How does their EPC compares to the average EPC of similar offers in the affiliate network used?
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    Most probably is either the price or payment method. Do a split test and see which one the problem.
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    Yes, understanding the audience of your niche is important.

    When you talk about conversions...

    Are you talking about sales?

    Are you talking about people subscribing for your newsletter?

    What is your goal at the end of the day?

    If it is sales...does your product solves your audience problem? How did you write your article? Did you provide many benefits or create a unique selling point for your product?

    Besides traffic, there are many factors which will affect your conversions.

    If you are building your email list..are you offering a lead magnet as opposed to asking people to subscribe to your email list? Offering a free gift will definitely boost your conversions.
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    You should check your analytic to track the geographical areas of visitors and you can promote your website in that places more frequently. Next referral traffic, you should check the source of referral traffic and have less bounce rate. You can follow those referral sites and promote them in the reference areas or cities. There are lots of things which you can analyse from Google Analytic report and make a blue print plan to get conversions.
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  • I think your product price is high, that is the reason you can see more customer visiting your website but 0 ROI.

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    The reasons why your website's ROI didn't increased are stated below:
    • Content is not convincing
    • Acquiring the Wrong Type of Traffic
    • Interface Is Too Complex
    • Do better Testing of Website
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    There is no way to answer your question with any degree
    of certainty without seeing the site.
    If you knew what I know you'd be doing what I do...
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    Offer something valuable for free to build opt in list.

    Start promoting through autoresponder messages.
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