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As the title states, please help me find a facebook marketing course that I can take to help me make my ads more profitable. I would prefer one where I would have a coach so to speak that would be able to answer questions, not just some read an ebook type of deal. I see a bunch on my fb ads, but I would like to know what worked for you. Thanks.
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    I would suggest in doing your own research. Honestly, i bought and read a lot of junk regarding facebook marketing over the years. When i did my own research, that's when i started to learn.
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  • There are tons of books in online, do a google search to learn about Facebook marketing.
    Are you looking for selling any product?

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    It depends what you are selling.

    Eery good course on E-commerce have tons of videos on Facebook ads, but they don't talk about things like how to do Facebook ads to get optins for example, because it is just not relevant to that business.

    So the first thing you need to figure out is what are you going to sell exactly.
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    Have you heard of Duplicate Dave?

    If you join that program, there is training on Facebook Ads 101 and 102 and it is very detailed with over the shoulder demonstration.

    There were 2 webinars on Facebook Fan Page too!

    There are other trainings which are very valuable too.

    It cost $30 to join and monthly membership of $30 but the value you will obtain is really good.

    I know it's not a course / ebook but so far it is one of the best training out there.
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    got my best education in here. WARRIOR forum, and now a senior member.

    Go do this, search button, and go nuts, there is enough info in there till the end of the world. LOL.

    But the most important part is people read stuff in here all week, and rarely act upon it.

    So have fun, and READ, and READ, but then TAKE action. Who was it that said ACTIONS BREED RESULTS....thomas edison i think and he failed like 900 times before he created the light bulb. SO keep going, never stop.

    Hope this helps.
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    You can search google "facebook blueprint" is a full course by facebook. From in and out, up and down whatever you need to learn. Is pretty cool to learn from there, you will get certificate too. I already halfway through and you will be surprise their course is so good that you don't need to pay for other facebook products
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    Aidan Thomas Noel, he is a good guy and a fb marketing specialist.
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