Responding to bad reviews draws attention to them?

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Hello everyone,
I manage a local businessses google assets like maps, and reviews etc. We recently got a bad review, so I left a response. But now that I look at it, it really draws a lot of attention to itslef. the bad review use two be two lines with a button you could click to expand it. But now it has this huge response from me under it. Responding to bad reviews has its benifits, but is it worth expanding its footprint by 6?
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    I think it depends on your response, and what the review actually said. A bad review without any evidence or real substance will often just be ignored. If you fight back it will look unprofessional.

    The only way you can reply that will look good on you or your business is to apologize for the bad experience that the guest/customer had and offer to salvage the relationship. Ask them to reach out via email. Take the conversation out of the public eye. Maybe even offer them something for free or a discount/refund.
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      Seconded. If done in the right manner, responding to a poor review will show that you are a professional who is willing to address and rectify problems. You might even turn that negative review around if you do right by the client.
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    I think you should respond. Bad reviews without a response can give your future customers the idea that your customer service isn't up to par.
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    Actually, quickly responding to bad reviews ensures less people mess around with your brand

    If bashers can be assured you or someone associated with your brand will quickly show up in the discussion to share your side of the story, they'll move on to a more passive victim
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    Follow Ryan Thames response to a T. My name got dragged into a business dispute 10 year ago before I started my own company. I handled it professionally and amicably ONLINE initially.

    The complainant was so satisfied with the way it was resolved, I asked her to share her sentiments on the Ripoff report that she wrote against my former business partner.

    Basically, I turned a complaint into a testimonial :>))

    I KNOW of 2 8k sales that have resulted since then because of the way I handled a disgruntled customer who was in the wrong all along and was simply trying to use us to extend her visa stay.

    Those clients told me if I treated that lady in a professional manner (who didn't deserve it) after reading the back and forth, then they were comfortable that they too would receive similar treatment if a dispute should arise.

    People are smart...and usually fair, but keep the focus on the issue and not the person complaining.
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    There's a shop around the corner from me that was forced to close as a result of the way the owner handled a bad review.

    Instead of accepting the criticism and trying to make things right, he launched a personal attack - which people screen shot and spread around social media. More people left bad (funny) reviews, which he attacked. It created a downward spiral.

    It even lead to a small protest outside the shop and a few months later the doors shut for good.

    "The customer is always right" might not be true, but most people believe it is. So we have to act like it's true, too.
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    If you want to be professional then you should always be responding to feedback weather it's bad or not. Ignoring bad feedback will just result in more damage in the long run.

    There is always going to be that one customer who is going give you a bad review even though you did everything perfect. If you are seen to respond in an appropriate manner then its good. But if you are seen to ignore the bad review then it looks suspicious and customers probably won't come back.
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    Not trying to hijack this thread or anything, but I see some good answers here and I think my question fits right in with this topic...

    A few years ago I was handling the reputation management for a couple of clients. I always advocated responding to negative reviews, because when it was done tastefully, and respectfully, my clients reputations often ended up improving as a result.

    But, I ran into an issue that didn't quite fall into the category of "honest."

    We had a competitor write a couple false negative reviews. Obviously trying to tarnish my clients rep, thinking it would somehow make himself look better? (twisted thinking, I know. But there we were) We only found out because the guy bragged about doing it.

    I eventually got one of the review sites to delete the fake review, because the reviewer would not respond to requests for proof of their negative experience. But the other site would not remove it.

    I've since moved on from handling reputation management for clients, but just in case anyone here runs into a similar situation, my question is...

    Does anyone know of an efficient (and cost effective) way to counter false negative reviews from competitors. Or even disgruntled ex-employees who want to damage your reputation?

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      I would look into other competing businesses to see if they have also been left false negative reviews. If they're from a competitor, odds are they're not just going after one company, and would likely be targeting all of their competitors. If you can find similar negative reviews within a tight time frame, you can screenshot them to use as proof when requesting the reviews be removed. It's not foolproof, and it doesn't address reviews from former employees, but it's something
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    Yes Spencer. Because wherever your attention goes, grows. I do not respond to bad reviews because the reviewer's lack of happiness and clarity manifested the review. Nothing to do with me, because we see the world how we see ourselves.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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  • There is a link for you to send people directly to your google review page. Send that link to as many people as possible and your good reviews will push the bad review to the bottom.
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    A response? Definitely a must.

    However, you need to do it professionally.

    If handled well, you could make your company's brand even more established...because of social media.

    If handled unprofessionally, your company's brand will definitely be affected badly...because of social media.
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    Originally Posted by MichaelNz View Post

    Hello everyone,
    I manage a local businessses google assets like maps, and reviews etc. We recently got a bad review, so I left a response.
    Here is the most important part, you say a bad review.

    This is going to happen, eventually I learnt in business you cannot please all the people all the time. ANd then there is that one moron about.

    I would say contact them and see if you can reply and explain the situation without bad mouthing the other party.

    If that will not work, move on with your life!!! There is nothing you can do. 1 bad review will not ruin you and want to commit harry carry out in the streets. Its all good.,
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    As Ryan Thames said, I too think that it comes down to the answer given to the bad review. Responding to each bad review may show that the company is really monitoring/responsive. Which seems to be a good thing.

    At the end of the day, as human beings, we may not be able to produce perfection (in products/services). If your response shows that you are really trying to help the unhappy customer by refunding for example of replacing the problematic product/service, that's pretty much it. What else can you do?
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    As others have said, it depends on the bad review and on your response.

    If someone just posts "I tried your stuff and it sucks", about all you can do is apologize and ask for details. Don't get down in the mud with them - odds are, they have much more experience getting dirty.

    There are so many fake reviews, and that fact has made the news enough times, that many people are much smarter about recognizing fake reviews and discounting them.

    On the other hand, if the bad review is detailed and specific, your response must go to the same lengths. Be professional.
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    As long as you don't find yourself in a cat fight, you can still walk away from a
    bad review smelling like a rose. Try to get the reviewer to provide more details
    about their experience. If they have a legitimate complaint, they will say. If not,
    then they probably won't bother.

    At least you attempted to open a dialogue with them so this will make you
    look favorable in the eyes of other potential customers.
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