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I'm looking to start an affiliate website and promote digital products, as I'm planning to work with paid traffic + email marketing.

However my question is about content, when we start an affiliate niche blog, does the content need to be SEO friendly straight away? Or can I use any content as I will focus on paid traffic to collect leads and promote offers via email marketing? And looking to use SEO content after the niche make me some income.

Thanks in advance!
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    Well it must be quality content to attract people to buy .If your content its crap nobody will buy .You must choose a niche and write article solution problems etc and recomen products there
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  • Do not copy and paste the old content, google hate this, Write some good content and attract the customer, always customer looks for new things.

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      For sure, google hate that, but in this case i'm not working on SEO
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    Blog about your specific affiliate niche. What do you feel passionate about? Start there.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    I recommend you to write quality content only, online users are sophisticated than even before they won't buy from content that looks spammy, it needs to give value.

    You need to start a website from your passion and recommend products within that

    Get started with SEO it's free, paid advertising can easily eat you thousands of dollars if you don't know what you are doing

    Learn how to walk (SEO) before you fly (Paid Advertising)

    Hope this helps
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    If you are using paid traffic then you do not need a blog. In fact it would be a mistake to send paid traffic to a blog. It just would not convert enough people to sign-up or purchase to make it profitable.

    You need to set up a squeeze page and send your traffic directly to it. That will give you a much higher opt-in rate than a blog (by miles).

    Offer a free lead magnet in exchange for their email address.

    Follow-up (automated) emails to the list to sell products.

    If you want a blog then it should be to give yourself a point of contact for people, build your brand, let them know who you are and what you do.

    Sure put offers on the blog but your sales will come from your email list promoting those offers.

    A blog also has other advantages like branded link cloaking.
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    Low quality content will not get read and will only be posted on low quality sites. Don't write garbage
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    hey there

    great question .

    ..quality content is always good but dont worry about that right now

    you are a newbie so here's what you should do ..pick a niche that you are passionate about promoting

    as you start this journey add some good quality content weekly or bi weekly about your niche to

    educate your visitors whereby they will educate themselves and buy your product

    Guess what and facebook makes 70% of all internet revenues

    Do they have quality content? "no"

    talk soon
    sam f
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    Write good content whether you are doing SEO orPaid traffic.

    Or else you will just waste your ad dollars.

    People will naturally associate your site and its content with your offer.
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    Fresh content. Don't use outdated articles for your content sir.

    BIG MISTAKE! Google will not rank your site going that route.

    Hire someone on Fiverr or another platform that has blog or content writers that can assist you.

    If you feel you can create your own content from your head, that's even better and will allow you to save money.

    Use WordPress for your content site if you can.

    It will allowing you to use helpful SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO and while you're at it, you might want to add the plugin WP Super Cache as well to speed up your site if you have a slow loading theme.

    Because Google also loves fast loading sites.

    Hope this helps a bit

    -Ronnie Rokk Smith
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    Always use quality content no matter if your traffic is paid or free. If you have quality content then people will interest in your product. You mentioned that you will invest in paid traffic and email marketing then I will suggest go to fiverr where you will find good content writer and they will charge you just $5-$10. Quality not only benefit your website to rank high in search engine but also increase your sales.
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    Definitely fresh and quality content.

    Since you planning to use paid traffic, I believe you have budget. Get a good content copy writer and do it for you. If you want go for make sure see their past work first before order, because there are many crap copywriter there.

    Not recommend you do it yourself unless you are really good with copywriting, focus on things will get you income. Like come out a nice plan for paid campaign or you will burn a hole and became lesson fee.

    Good luck!
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    You should also focus the SEO for the blogs also include some attractive content which can engage users. I am saying SEO because it will help to rank your blog in a 1st page from where you will get organic traffic and successful sales also. You should decide the keywords first then create the blogs with the name of high demanding products. I am currently working for a client whose blogs are now started ranking on 1st page. Let me know if you have any query in my suggestion.
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    I don't think SEO friendly is a must.. paid traffic does the job for you and SEO takes a long time
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    SEO will not be the tool to get you traffic fast initially...but it will be better to do some basic ones such as h1 tags, specific keywords, embedding images (make sure you tag them too), and embedding videos.

    The SEO game is always changing so do the basic, but don't make it the foucs.

    Make your audience the focus.

    Your strategy is a good one where you will be using paid traffic methods as it is a sure fire way to get traffic fast.

    However, you will want to RETAIN your readers and thus, you will need to build an email list.

    The most effective way is to create something of immense value to make your readers leave their email address with you. When they do that, you will have repeated visitors to your site as you can send them emails to get em to your blog.

    This something of immense value can be a short report which solves your audience's problem, a cheat sheat, a short course, free videos etc.
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    This guy has an excellent strategy in his Opt In Freebie eBook. The site is still there and kickin I would scoop it up because the method is evergreen and just plain works.
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    Agree to Spartan14. Start with good content: no matter you need it right now or not
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    SEO is very important. This is what drives traffic to you through search engines organically. You could get some traffic off Facebook organically but over the past year, organic outreach has been very low. If you choose to pay to drive your traffic like through Facebook ads be for certain you have someone that understands how to run Facebook ads. Are you going to be using a platform with an all in one like Clickfunnels? I would suggest checking that out. User-friendly and it's an all in one website and email marketing system plus a whole lot more.
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    Try and look to give something away on your affiliate website. Free content gets the ball rolling.
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    To increase the traffic you can do many works. You can do SEO to increase your page Rank & Traffic. You can use social media site also. Any way if you can increase your targeted traffic, it would better for you.
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    Honestly, the basics of SEO are really simple and there's no reason not to ignore them. If you want to be successful:

    1. Create high-quality content. There's no way around this piece, SEO or not.

    2. Do some basic keyword research. Use Google Keyword Planner. Personally, I love Ahrefs and they have a two-week free trial you can use.

    3. Learn on-page SEO. It's really easy - include your keyword in your URL, title tag, a header, and 2-4 times in the body. Fill in your image alt texts.

    4. Use semantically related keywords. (Fancy way of saying "very similar" keywords.) You can find these by typing your main keyword in Google and looking at the auto-fill suggestions and the "people also searched for" suggestions at the bottom of the page.

    5. Promote the hell out of your content. Do some email outreach to influencers in your niche. Share it on social media more than once. Maybe use Quuu Promote.

    6. If you really want to rank, do a little white hat linkbuilding. Build relationships with the influencers in your niche. Help them out by finding broken links on their site, promoting the hell out of their content, or referring them a customer. There's a million ways to get a link without using black or grey hat tactics and make you friends in the process.

    And that's about the basics of it. This stuff takes a lot of time and effort, and even a little cash for extra impact, but it works. Just keep at it.
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  • Content is king. Write for your readers, not for Google.

    Focus on one internet marketing strategy to start off with. If your focus is using paid traffic to create your blog audience then research all you can on that method and see if it works.

    SEO is a long-term strategy that doesn't usually pay off instantly like when you pay highly targeted buyer traffic
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    Quality content will not only convert better for paid traffic but also gets free traffic from SEO :-)
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    Originally Posted by tripwhite View Post

    So, i understand that is better to write high quality content even if i'm not focused on SEO
    Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner.

    No search spider has ever bought a product or service, or even signed up for an email list.

    Tony has an excellent point, too. If you're going to pay for traffic, don't send them to a blog. Send them to a dedicated landing page with an opt-in form. Depending on how you write your ads, you may put an article on the page making it resemble a blog post, but the article has only one function. Bridge the gap between clicking your ad and getting the opt-in.

    Your blog might bring some organic traffic, but even then you have to serve the combined goals of providing value to your readers and enticing them onto your list.
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    All your content should be quality and it does help if it is seo friendly. One thing you can do to find catchy headlines and ideas for your content is go to sites like and news sites. You will see the headlines in your niche and change them up to suit you.
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    Originally Posted by tripwhite View Post

    However my question is about content, when we start an affiliate niche blog,
    does the content need to be SEO friendly straight away?
    Why not kill 2 birds with one stone? Do some keyword research then write quality content
    for your viewers, with a few of those keywords sprinkled in where it makes sense. If you
    only focus on writing content, when you are ready to do SEO, you will have to come back
    later to rewrite parts of your blog all over again.
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