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Hi all, I was rejected by Linkshare... My blog just got started but how am I supposed to start without something??? Its like they want experience before giving you the job but dont want to give you experience?

I am trying to start small with affiliate marketing. Using click throughs like Amazon and walmart, etc since those are vendors I shop at most, but both of them denied me too! So how do you get approved for affiliate marketing if your site is not hugely established with a bunch of followers??? I've been denied by Linkshare, Amazon, and one more. =(

I'm blogging about things I know, but without a way to track the links how the heck do I link without being approved by an affiliate program?
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    That's how is with some affiliate networks. Don't worry too much. With a brand new blog your going to still have to learn how to generate your own TARGETED traffic.

    Find another network that will accept you or just go over to CB or JVZoo.

    Later when you are more established you can re apply.
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    Don't hurry in earning money if your blog is just started. First establish your blog and get some loyal visitors. You will earn lot of money if your blog accepted by people. Now if you fill your blog with affiliate products and ads then people will get annoyed and will not return again. First get loyal visitors and make email list out of it. If you really want to make money from beginning than I will recommend adsense or adsense alternatives.
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      But how do I get approved for Adsense??? They denied me too! What are the alternatives? Google is the biggest one!
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  • If you interested to promote digital product I recommend CB or JVZOO , if you own blog then try google absence. this will help you to earn some good income from online.

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      Thanks I do have a CB and JVOO account, Google adsense denied me as well.
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    How on earth did you manage not to get approved as an Amazon Associate?

    That+s so easy...

    Anyway there are so many affiliate networks outthere, so it should be easy to find a few networks.

    When I applied for Amazon and I was new, I found 3 sites from Flippa and said those where my sites in my application and that I was ready to monetize traffic with amazon.

    You could say that they got some traffic lets say under 5k a month.

    It worked then and it will work now
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      Well yeah I gave my real site which only had one blog post on it. And I did say I was ready to monetize with Amazon and they still denied me. They said i had not enough traffic. Linkshare/Rakuten denied me as well as Google Adsense. I just got those emails today. =(
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        Originally Posted by Cillygurl View Post

        Well yeah I gave my real site which only had one blog post on it . . . They said i had not enough traffic.

        Well then . . . the answer is staring you right in the face . . . you need to get more traffic to your site on a regular basis. This isn't too hard to figure out.

        Instead of bouncing from one network to the next hoping to get in somewhere, set that aside for a little while and focus your efforts on filling up your site with great content and driving traffic to it via your marketing.

        Put yourself in the shoes of the aff network managers - would you approve a blog with one post over others with many posts and some traffic? 90% of affiliates make nothing or very little - the networks want to sign up those with the ability to push anxious buyers to their offers. You haven't shown that you can do that - just yet.

        First . . . you've got to make your site worthy of being visited.

        Good luck to you,


        Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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        Originally Posted by Cillygurl View Post

        Well yeah I gave my real site which only had one blog post on it. And I did say I was ready to monetize with Amazon and they still denied me. They said i had not enough traffic. Linkshare/Rakuten denied me as well as Google Adsense. I just got those emails today. =(

        That's not really a site, it's one webpage.

        Why do you expect affiliate networks to take you seriously when you can't be bothered to build a site?

        Doubtful you have any traffic so what purpose would it serve for you to be an affiliate?
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      MotoJao did you actually buy the websites?
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    How about focusing 100% on rendering useful, free service through your blog and through guest posting for the next 3-6 months? Then affiliate opportunity folks will knock your door down to advertise on your blog. Believe you me!
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    If you're getting rejected on a regular basis there must be an issue with your traffic.
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    You mentioned that you are a member of CB and JvZoo but you only have
    1 blog post? Have you chosen a theme for your blog? Will it be about
    making money online, DIY projects, weight loss, fitness, or whatever.
    Choose a niche, then look in CB or JvZoo for products that fit the niche
    you chose. Write a blog post about each product in your niche. Also
    write blog posts that are non-product related such as how-to start a
    blog, or tips about affiliate marketing.

    Once you fill in your blog with some content, the networks will see that
    at least you have gotten started. CB and JvZoo have plenty of products
    to keep you busy without adding new networks for now. If you decided
    to go with another network, I would suggest ShareAsale, but wait until
    you have fatten up your blog first with around 7 or 8 blog post before
    trying again.
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    If you are new, you will be rejected by 99% of the affiliate networks out there.

    Affiliate networks will be looking for established websites. Focus on growing your website first. Just think of it this way, if you are an advertiser, will you want your ads to be seen on a website which is not yet trusted with no traffic?

    Start with ClickBank because you can start promoting affiliate products. Just find a few affiliate products related to your niche and focus on promoting them.

    Add more content. Bring in daily traffic on a consistent basis.

    To really make money with Adsense or similar networks, you will need a lot of traffic. Just a few hundred to a few thousand will not help you in creating an income you want too.

    Focus on growing your blog and traffic first before applying again.
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    You have to be willing to work for free if you want to be wildly successful.

    If I were you, I'd write really amazing posts for at least a month. Build up the share count by sharing those posts with influencers via email or social, sending it to Quuu Promote, and reaching out to ask people to leave a comment on your post (comments show engagement).

    Then, once you've built up a few strong posts, re-apply. Chances are, you'll get in... and already have a nice little following to market to.
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    I suggest JVZoo. You can promote as an affiliate there.
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    not the end of the world.

    Happened to me about 8 years ago. I never gave up just used another one.

    Just search around, JVZOO, or CLICKBANK or what not. There are plenty to choose from.

    Just because one door shuts does not meant they all do. Remember that.
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    Thanks I do have a CB and JVOO account,
    Why aren't you using them to get started on affiliate marketing?

    They have numerous products in numerous you still have a blog with ONE post?

    Start adding at least one post a day - start working on getting traffic - start promoting products from the affiliate programs that DID accept you. Once you have some success and a viable site with real traffic - you won't have a problem joining other affiliate programs.
    Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog
    I firmly believe that animals make people more human.
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    If you're just starting out you should focus on creating content and promoting your blog. Once you have at least few hundred visitors per day you can start to put ads. Otherwise, you will make only pennies.

    Automatically add affiliate links in your website content with Auto Affiliate Links

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