How to reach young audience in youtube for inspirational channel

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I have an inspirational message. The problem I have is that I don't know how to reach my audience in youtube. I am learning social media marketing but no matter what I do I waste my money and don't end up reaching the right group.

Any suggestion on how to do it in youtube? I am running out of money and fear my dream won't come to pass.

Thanks guys!
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  • If you targeting the young audience better stick with google ad-words and select the age group, it will work .

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    Well search for all keywords posible in your niche and create videos for all of themalso share your videos on facebook ,twitter blogger etc .
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    Humor. Celebrity. Current Events and Drama.

    Just tie into the everyday life of that demographic. They live on YouTube. They like gaming. They love sports. They love Fail Videos. They have problems nobody understands.

    You should be crushing it my friend. And you will.

    Just go to Fiverr and have someone create for you compilation videos that are entertaining and leave a link to your website in the video and right after. Encourage comments and ask them to subscribe as well.


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    Why do you want to reach a young audience through an inspirational video? You have got it the other way around.

    Here's the thing, you don't get to decide what the market wants. They want what they want. Maybe the audience that you are targeting aren't interested in viewing inspirational videos.

    If you want to target a younger audience, give them what they want. Find out what they want and give it to them.

    If you want to run an inspirational channel, figure out who would be interested in viewing those videos and target them.

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