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I currently have a facebook page with around 22K following within the 4WD niche.
My website is getting average traffic as we all know SEO is a tricky thing to tackle.
Currenlty promoting ebay listings and making a small earn.

Does anyone have any other ideas to monetize that Facebook Page?

Thinking outside the Box...

I recently went through the Affilo training program and its been pretty invaluable for me. It has taught me a heap of handy tricks that are definitely helping. Great program. See Below.

Affiliate Marketing Training
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    Depending on what your target market is, find something they would buy on AliExpress.

    Set up a simple landing page about the product.

    Advertise the product on your Facebook Page.

    Once they buy, on your landing page, dropship it to them.

    You'll get to keep more of the profit.

    You could also try the Free + Shipping method where you advertise the product as Free and they Just Pay Shipping and you cover the product cost and the profits in the shipping fees.

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    One question, why are you using ebay to sell your products if you are driving your own traffic from FB?
    Anyhow, when using Fb you need to know what kind of FB ad to run to be cost effective. Me personally, I think the news feeds are the best, but something else might work for you.
    One very important thing is to learn about FB compliance, to make sure your ads are not pulled from Fb for any reason (Corporate page helps).
    You also need to know how to target your audience correctly to decrease your costs.
    These are just some of the first steps to success on facebook, there is lots more to learn.
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    By helping people with free content, developing your skills, building your friend network and patiently following this course for years? The money ain't outside the box; it's inside proven, simple, practical strategies that work perfectly, if you put in the time
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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  • I would put an optin form on the face book page and on your website. I agree that drop shipping a trending product is a great method... but if your not comfortable with that I recommend affiliate products.

    Make sure to create a course of some sort that is ongoing via your auto responder. I recommend using video course and re purposing plr materials for this. This will improve your open rate and then just weave in relevant product promotions....
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    If your following frequently visits your page on Facebook, do what Ryan said above...keep delivering constant value to them through content.

    You can even post videos and do some lives.

    You can even 'boost' those videos and include a relevant article or post that leads to your website or blog where you deliver even more content and 'call to action' them into a lead capture page to help you build your email list.

    In your list you can offer more value based emails and promotions.
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