What is the best gravity to promote clickbank products?

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I heard that when promoting a clickbank product we should stay away from a niche that has products with high gravity of more than 60?

Is it true?

Looking forward your response
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  • To be honest, Clickbank gravity is mostly irrelevant to me. Having said that, by coincidence or not, all of my best selling products are between 5-20 gravity.

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      Great to hear that from you
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    No it's not true.
    The only reason you would avoid high gravity CB products is if you did not want to be competing with other affiliates.

    In that case you are in the wrong game.

    That said, some high gravity products tend to be in the popular niches like weightloss because big affiliates will support launches and spike the gravity. In some cases you might want to avoid an initial launch if you don't already have a list or guaranteed traffic source.

    Generally if you are new(ish) you are better promoting the products that are running along steadily. Generally these products drop their gravity dramatically once the launch is over.

    So in that sense what you have been told is correct but for the wrong reason

    Rather than look at gravity you need to do some due diligence on the product sales funnel. Does it look professional, would it convince you to buy it? Does it sound outrageous or unrealistic? Has it been selling on clickbank for a while? Ensure it is not at the bottom of a dramatic decline in sales etc.

    Although I would want to see some gravity (some proof that it is actually selling).

    More important is your marketing plan. How are you going to promote it? where will your traffic come from? are you going to build a list first? (hint YES), are there multiple products in this niche?

    Success will not come from product selection but from your list building and your marketing.
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    I would stick to products with a gravity of 10 or more. You are looking for products that are proven to sell and I believe you would like to sell more that one a month. Your job is to make sure that you opt-in pages do there job and you know how to drive traffic that buys.
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  • It depends on your skill set in affiliate marketing
    If you have a landing page always go with high gravity
    If you promote direct link than I suggest 20-60 gravity product it will work well.

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    totally agree with you
    It depends on your skill set in affiliate marketing
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