Anyone know high comission sports nutrition supplements?

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Tired of only making 4-5% with amazon and 5% with bodybuilding dot com...

Has to be some larger company that actually pays high commissions on a wide variety of supplements.. no?

Not looking for a single product here (clickbank style) but a company that has many sports supplements but pays a decent liveable commission.

Any website recommendations that we can check out are appreciated.

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  • I heard about "Pharmamuscle(UK) ", this will pay good commission for sports nutrition supplement, but I not worked with this affiliate program. Do some google search before joining this affiliate program.

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    Well, two major brands I would highly recommend are Herbalife and GNLD. I was with Herbalife for 10 years, but after relocating to the Sun where they didn't have a presence,I had to leave the company.

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    Check markethealth. I also noticed that clickbank is moving into some tangible products and there is a company selling supplements there'

    here is one of those products, (Not Affiliate Link)

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    Still from Clickbank, but these are physical supplements:

    - Organifi - 50-75% Commissions
    - Bioptimizers
    - Paleovalley Beef Sticks - 30% Commissions

    ...and a few others

    But why not promote informational products as well? The commissions are huge and the products are selling really well.
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    I would look at
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    You should check out MoreNiche. They support you in EVERY way.

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  • I would say herbalife too, upto 50% commissions as you grow your userbase.

    Since they are pretty much all over the world, the "dropshipping" part is already taking care for you.

    It's just a matter of knowing how to market correctly the product and finding your subniche with in the health niche.
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