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I'm interested in increasing my exposure in Fiverr. I have some gigs, but nobody seems to be able to see them. I'm offering video services and this gets buried between all the other high star Fiverr sellers who are selling the same thing and have lots of feedback.

I'm thinking of advertising my Fiverr gig on Facebook and offering a money back coupon for this service. I wouldn't make as much money off these $5 Fiverr gigs to start, but with the coupon, the price of the gig would be negligible to the purchaser. All I would ask in return for the customer, as I am practically giving this service away, is to give me a great review.

The philosophy is that after I get a lot of these great ratings Fiverr will show my gig to more people and I can stop giving away coupons and get organic sales from that point on.

Is this a good idea? Is giving a money back to a customer via a coupon (or other means) and asking for a great review against Fiverr's terms of service? Is this a good idea overall or should I forget it?

What is the best way to rank your gigs on Fiverr anyway? I'm not interested in black hat methods but in the end, I want something that WORKS! Not another useless course where the only person who makes the money is the person who sells this course.

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    If you are trying to waste your money on ads then I will suggest you to buy review. if you have skills and really fulfill your customers demand, then reviews will help you to attract more buyers.
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      Join fiverr reviews group.
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  • Most of the people in the Fiverr or Scam that is the reason for new business in Fiverr takes time, If you need more customer you have to get good quality reviews. Post some screenshot how it works ?

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    1. Keyword on tittle, description and tags. You only have one time opportunity to make that perfect tittle. So, think about this a lot.
    2. Put a great high quality video that explain what you offer. You must know the technical behind it already (if you're really a video maker).
    3. Make only a single $5 gig. Don't use multiple gig offers.
    4. Don't offer any extra in the beginning. Just make simple gig that offer one complete service for $5.
    5. Pay attention to your bio, the language you use, and the background you have to relate to your audience, not just your skill.
    6. Make bullet-list to your description to explain everything you offer in a simple basic language.
    7. Share your link in social media. You don't need to buy an ad at all.
    8. Ask your friend or family member to buy your gig.
    9. If you want to exchange a review, then you'll need a 2nd fiverr account. Don't buy unrelated gig to give a review back using your main account. Never do that!

    I'm learning to draw again ...
    I want to sell my drawing later on!
    Wish me luck, okay?!

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